Sometimes you just need a little inspiration… And for me, inspiration came in this box.  After completing the One Room Challenge, never in my life did I think I would complete another room so quickly.  But that is just what I did…  I just completed our bedroom.  Yes, I am that crazy.

The bedroom was a breeze after ALL of the labor that went into the office, mudroom and bathroom.  This space required zero millwork, no major power tools, and no tile!  And I of course continued with our mantra of “Working with what we have!”.  But what I did not have was a rug or a design scheme for this space.

Here were the before pics from move in day last October:

Aside from furniture being placed in here, nothing much has changed as we have been focused on other spaces throughout the home.  We love the amount of space in here, as well as the natural light.  It was part of an expansion a few years back that we are definitely benefiting from, but as you can see there was no OMG architectural moments in the space.  It was a blank canvas.

Now it is time to unroll the inspiration!!  Look at this vintage beauty!!

I have a major obsession with vintage rugs.  I love how they are well loved, broken in, perfectly faded and perfectly imperfect.  They give instant depth to a room and provide a comfortable elegance factor that I just have a hard time recreating with something else.  Plus they are so forgiving for everyday living, especially with pets and children.  This beauty was a special delivery from Revival Rugs.  They specialize in vintage rugs (30-100 year old) as well as new limited edition handwoven rugs.  They make the vintage rug buying experience that much easier.  Each rug is described in detail, so you know exactly what you are getting.  Plus, each piece comes professionally cleaned.  That means no odd smells or chemical off gassing.  I have had horrible experiences in the past with vintage rugs being delivered that smelled awful!  So it was such a relief to unroll this piece and simply enjoy its beauty.

I chose this rug for a few reasons, scale, size, material… but the main being it was not my typical color palette.  I wanted to go a little outside of my comfort zone on this one.  The blues and off whites were there, but the deep rust tones were an unexpected choice for me.  And that border… vintage-y goodness folks.

So when it came to the room design, I wanted to have the rug be the color focus surrounded by dark and moody tones, natural woods and hits of metallics.

And when I say dark and moody tones, you know I mean black!  I still love a black room.  I loved the one we did for my stepson years ago & knew that with the amount of space and natural light we have in our new bedroom that the walls could really carry that dark tone off.  Plus, we already had some on hand from our Mudroom lockers we just built, so bonus.

We also reused furniture from almost every room in our old home.  My daughter’s old dressers became our nightstands, our living room ottoman became the bed bench, my old lucite desk became a vanity, etc…  I just love mixing and matching furniture styles.  So being able to incorporate all of these pieces we already loved made them feel new again.

By mixing the black walls with the deep navy velvet drapery panels there is an added layer of depth given to the space.  The dark blues really pick up the deep denim hues in the rug, while the walnut dresser helps to balance the rusty-red.  And even though the walls are black, the space still feels warm and inviting.

To add just another layer of texture, I did layer the vintage rug over a herringbone weave natural jute rug.  I just love how the two play so well together.

I am so glad I pushed my comfort level with the warmer tones of the rug.  I was hesitant at first, but now that the space is completed I know it was the right choice.  Be sure to head over to Revival Rugs to check out their ever changing inventory of vintage rugs, limited edition handwoven rugs, pillows and wall decor.  And don’t forget to use the discount code HUNTEDINTERIOR10 for an additional savings!

And check back in tomorrow for all of the other details about the room.  One is a big surprise!!