Here we are, Week Seven!!  This is my favorite week because at this point the spaces are almost complete and are basically blank canvases for me to style.  Styling can be stressful for some, but as I have said before it is my happy place.  Put a cocktail in my hand and set me loose!  I do have to admit, in our old home we had boxes of books that hadn’t seen the light of day in years and accessories that were packed away in the attic, crawl space and shed.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be coming up short for decor items.  Well, I am! lol.  When all is said and done I will be short books and accessories, but that will just give me something else to hunt for at a later date.  I did make a few Goodwill runs for little odds and ends, with my mask on of course.

Aside from books and little decor accessories, the main items that I am using to really finish these spaces off include art, sconces, and a few accent pieces of furniture.  As the majority of all of the spaces consist of built-ins, there was really a very small need for actual furniture.  I added a new desk chair, a pair of existing stools and an accent table that was provided by Apt2b were really all that have been brought in.

Here are some of the final touches I am using //

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Here was the original plan for the space.  I am pleased to say that I have stuck very true to this layout.

The center round entry table did need some work in order for it to match my original vision.

It was more of a cherry stained pedestal table that I picked up at Goodwill for about $24.  I didn’t love the finish, but knew it was a solid piece and the perfect scale.  With all of the other wood tones going on in the space and very little use of textiles, I thought that this would be the perfect spot for a tailored skirted table.  Since I have been working a lot with what I have on hand, I pulled down some leftover drapery panels I had from a previous project.  The neutral greige linen look ended up being a great match with the rest of the vibe down here.  Plus the fact that the had a really nice weight to them lended well to their new use as a tailored table skirt.  I got to work constructing the panels and assembling.  To add a little more detail I decided to add a border of herringbone trim sponsored from Fabricut.  The subtle ivory/off white tones and texture really play well with the abundance of natural light in the room.

If you remember a few weeks back, I shared this image of my vintage desk with the new surrounding built-ins.  I knew when planning this space that I wanted to leave the majority of the desktop free from clutter.  Meaning, no task lamps on the actual table itself.  When. I work I like to spread out a bit, and the lamp(s) would simply get in the way.  I did however want to have a task light, so my solution was to add sconces.

And what beautiful sconces they are!!  I added a pair of custom Ludo Sconces from Blueprint Lighting.  Their mid-century feel really compliments my vintage desk.

I really love how much you can customize these sconces.  You choose your color, switch, plugin/hardwire, and bulb locations ( I chose to have bulbs in the top and bottom opening).  For the desk, I decided that a plugin would work well.  Especially since we already had the electrician out for the chandelier.  And having the switch located on the fixture itself allows me to turn one on at time as needed.  To cover the cords I could have ordered a metal cord cover.  I have used them multiple times in the past, however what am I doing this go around?  Working with what I have.  I have a tendency to collect parts and pieces.  Especially lighting parts and pieces.  So whenever we install a fixture that comes with multiple down rods, I will tuck them away… just in case.  This just so happened to be that case.  Wouldn’t you know the chandelier we installed came with two 2′ long down rods we didn’t need.  The finish and scale were the exact sizes I needed to cover the cords.  I love thinking outside of the box and actually having that crazy idea work.

Art install is also happening.  I am using a mix of items from my personal collection (including a huge Thrift store find!) as well as some sponsored pieces from Minted.  I have been using Minted pieces for years!  And I love the vast array of artwork available, as well as framing styles.   With the addition of the art rail trim used throughout the space, I am using a mixture of traditionally mounted art/decor with others hung from the rail using hooks and this chain.  The varying methods again makes this new space feel a bit more collected over time.

The big reveal is next week!! And I have a lot of work ahead of me.  And I will go ahead and warn you, with three spaces completed, there will be a lot of photos!!

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