Week four!!!  We are halfway there {insert a bit of panic here}!  Thank goodness we have been gifted an extra two weeks during this round of the One Room Challenge, because we have taken on A LOT!  Last week we left off with having the framing and the slats up on the builtins…. this week I am going to share how I finished them using moulding from our sponsor Novo Building ProductsEmpire Millwork and Moulding.  Lots of moulding!

First, let me explain the types of moulding I have on hand:
(links provided for the specific type I used.  Most are available from Lowe’s, others can be special ordered through Empire Millwork & Moulding)

Crown | Just like a crown that sits on your head, the crown is the moulding that is placed at the top of the wall and finishes on the ceiling.

Art Rail | A specific type of moulding that allows for specialized hooks to be placed on the top.  These hooks can hold chain/wire to hold artwork.  Eliminating the need for holes in the walls.  Great for plaster walls.

Finger – Joint Casing | This type of moulding can be used around windows or doors, I like to use this type of moulding for applied panels as well as framework.

Panel Moulding | Ideal for creating framed wall panels.

Lattice | This is a flat stock piece that is squared off on all sides.  It can then be used in a criss cross fashion to create a full lattice panel.

Base Cap | A decorative moulding that can be stacked above base moulding to give it a more dramatic profile.

Base | Just as it sounds, this is the moulding that wraps the bottom of the wall and meets the floor.

ShoeA small piece of moulding used to finish off where the base meets the floor.  The most common is Quarter Round.

Aside from the Crown and Base Mouldings, I basically go a little rogue with the rest.  Meaning, I might not always use them in their intended locations.  I use them like puzzle pieces and allow them to fill the needs as I see fit for the particular project.

For example, I grouped the Finger Joint, Lattice and Base Cap to create a framed finish panel on the bottom portion of each builtin.  These help to hide the framing as well as give the piece the intended character.  What I absolutely love about moulding is that depending on which profile you use, you can achieve any look…. traditional, modern, craftsmen, etc… they are all applied the exact same way, just the amount of decorative elements are changed.

Same with the walls…

I cut the moulding using a radial arm saw, and install the pieces using a brad nailer.  These are my absolute favorite tools!!  And I am very proud to say that up until this point, I built every single element of these builtins myself.  I needed the husband to come in and help install the crown.

Once we got the crown installed around the entire room, I caulked every single seam where the moulding either touches itself, the builtins or the wall and got to painting.  Remember, I used Sherwin Williams Pure White in Flat on the walls, and Alabaster in High Gloss on the Builtins and all of the trim.

So just as a visual, here is what the power of moulding and paint can do…

desk (vintage) / rug (vintage) / chair (discontinued)

You also may have noticed we had our new light fixture installed!!!  We did have to bring in an electrician for this part as there was not a light here to begin with and needed a new switch, wire run.  But man oh man, this fixture from Hudson Valley Light Group is a stunner!!!

And while still not styled, the bourbon cabinets are feeling very much at home with the addition of the trim and paint.

Since I switched to all white, from dark and moody a few things in my initial design plan have changed…  mainly the future mudroom.  I had simpler plans for that in the beginning, but now I think the drama factor might need to be amped up a bit.  I have plans… I just need to figure out if said plans can be executed!

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