Thank you all for the kind comments about our decision to move, and for seeing some of the potential in our new home.  It has been an exciting few months, but now that the Holidays are behind us I cannot wait to make some real changes!!  One of the first spaces we are choosing to tackle is our daughter’s room.  She was not thrilled to say the least about leaving the only home she knew.  She felt, at the time, all of her memories with her Pop Pop (my late father) were in that home and she did not want to leave them behind.  A valid response from a nine year old.  And quite honestly a hesitation I had myself.  But after long heartfelt conversations we were able to convince her that all of the memories are in our hearts and four walls could possibly contain them.  It also helped that upon finding our new home, it was only a mile away and even that much closer to her BFF.  Best friends always seem to make things easier.

So here is another look into her new space.  Again, it is almost identical in layout to her old space, only a little bigger.

Before we had even left our old home, we made the decision that the Loft Bed I built for her, would not be coming with us.  I wasn’t sure that disassembling it & reassembling it would keep it’s structural integrity.  And she felt that she was ready for something new.  We are starting from scratch in this space.

I had asked her what she wanted the space to feel like & she immediately voiced that she wanted to be heavily involved in the design process.  Always a hold your breath moment as a parent!! You never know which way their little creative minds are going to go!!  After the phrase “Dark & Feminine, but not Girly” came out of her mouth I was instantly relieved.  And not to be bias, but she does have a good eye for design… so hopefully this process will move along swiftly and with all parties pleased in the end.

I had also come across this print from Amara months ago!! She fell in love with it & wanted it to be the inspiration for the entire space.

She chose to go with Sherwin Williams Rock Garden for the walls.  A deep and true Hunter Green.  And she expressed the interest for a canopy bed.  Something I was not expecting!!  We searched the internet for various options, different metal tones, upholstered or not and she landed on a simple and modern black metal canopy bed by Novogratz Home.  At the time, I managed to grab it on sale & ended up spending $67 for a brand new bed!!  It seemed a little too good to be true… I was almost expecting a doll’s bed to arrive or the thing to completely fall apart!  But the reviews were fairly good & I figured I could always return it, so why not.  To our surprise the bed was sturdy & all in all a great purchase!  Especially since it will allow the budget to stretch a bit farther in other places.  Namely, a vintage Turkish rug…  Here is a little look into what we have in store for her space so far.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

So as we wait for everything to arrive, I am keeping my eye out for little touches of barely there pink, a killer ceiling fan (is that an oxymoron?!) and other pieces of art to bring the room together.

xo – Kristin