image via Apartment Therapy

Nothing says spontaneous like selling your home on a whim!  LOL. We made the decision last week to put our home on the market.  I say on a whim, but this is something we have been tossing around for the past two years… the conversation was always if the right time or opportunity comes along we will list.  There was always hopes to build out our planned addition, but the timing never felt right. Every time we began to put it into motion, something held us back.  I think that we were meant to move on.  It just feels right.

My mom has recently moved back to Atlanta, and we have made the decision as a family that it would be ideal if she were to live with us.  The addition we had planned would not have accommodated a space for her.  So we weighed our options on changing the addition entirely or moving, and obviously moving has won out.

We are all equally excited and terrified about the move.  My daughter who loathes change is more on the terrified side of the spectrum, but I know she will be excited once we find our new home.  And after all, we will be staying in the same zip code if all goes according to plan.  We keep telling her how lucky she is to move in the same area, to stay at the same schools and maintain the same friends… but I do understand how scary this all can be.  Especially leaving the memories she has here (as we all do) with my father.  They really were the best of friends.

Fortunately mom is here, so she and I have been packing, cleaning, touching up paint, etc… We also depersonalized a bit for the showings.  I snapped some pics of the space (possibly for the last time!).  And thought I would share a little home tour…

I’ll also be pulling a current Shop My Space House edition together in the next few days.  So be sure to check back for that if you have any questions.