This is our fourth year with our white Christmas Tree ( here is one that is similar ) and I have to say, I still love it just as much.  The only thing I didn’t love this year was that half of our lights went out, ha!  After a few hours checking each bulb and making a run to the store to buy one of those special guns that claim to fix a strand of lights instantly, we were still only about 45% lit.  So my husband and I tackled removing every single one of the original lights and restrung the tree with new ones.  So hopefully we can get another few years out of these.

While keeping most of the ornaments and decor the same over the past few years, there were two noticeable changes to the tree this year…. 1.) the addition of the teal ribbon to coordinate with our velvet Article Sofa and 2.) the location.  The tree has lived in five locations over our 12 years in this home.  One year I even put it in front of our front door and coat closet, still regretting that choice! lol.  But each year we have always had to store a piece (or two) of major furniture away in order for the tree to fit.  This year I only had to move my two small velvet ottomans so I am calling that a victory.

A few smaller additions are these white tinsel tassels I found at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back and then a collection of my father’s ornaments.  My father was Mr. Christmas.  I grew up working in my parent’s gift shop which even had year round Christmas room, so I think my love for this season really stems from those memories.  He had a full tree’s worth of Christopher Radko ornaments in our home every year growing up and I must admit that after his passing I was more than disappointed to find that they had gone missing.  He had probably given them away to a friend over the past year or two thinking I would never want them, but sadly they would mean so much to me, especially this year.  What I did find was his collection of White House ornaments spanning almost twenty years back.  He was a proud Navy veteran who loved his country fiercely.  So I will gladly continue on his tradition of displaying these delicate ornaments on our tree each year.

Another one of my favorite ornaments still stands front and center.  This hand painted beauty by one of my favorite artists, Hayley Mitchell, will be treasured by our family year after year.

I have also started a tradition, unknowingly last year, of making this bourbon punch.  Even more fitting now that I have my father’s bourbon collection as well.  The warm color with a hint of red just seems fitting this time of year.  I’ll be sharing the recipe soon for those of you who might be interested!  It is great as a stand alone cocktail or in punch form for a holiday party.  While I considered finding the Christmas Vacation Moose Punch Bowl and cups I opted for this mixed set instead.  I stumbled across the bowl and the glasses thrifting one day and scooped them up immediately.  The glass bowl is massively heavy and it’s wide shape feels both classic and fresh.

The glasses are original Dorothy Thorpe metallic banded cocktail glasses that have a beautiful taper.  No one at the thrift store knew why I was so excited about finding these!!  Sets of these run about $85+ on sites such as Etsy and Ebay, mine were $0.99 a piece.  Total score and yet again an affirmation for always continuing the hunt.

The other Christmas decor in this space is subtle.  One of my favorite things to do is simply add small pieces of greenery into my existing decor and install it feels a little more magical.

I also fill every bowl with extra ornaments.  It is such an easy way to decorate for the season without completely rearranging everything.


xo – Kristin