I know, I know… we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet!  But, hear me out.  We decorate (typically) on Thanksgiving Day and into the weekend.  That means I need to have any of my new decorations here and ready to hang before then.  While most of our decor will stay fairly similar to years past, I will be adding a few new introductions this season.  Number one on that list is velvet ribbon!  My goal is to match the teal velvet of our sofa, but I have not had any luck as of yet.  So while I continue to hunt on that item, here are a few more additions for Christmas 2018!

As soon as I received the latest CB2 catalog in the mail, I knew I had to incorporate this silver infinity wreath.  I love decorations that don’t scream “It’s CHRISTMAS!”, so this is a definite must have.  I love how you can alter it from season to season by altering foliage and ribbon.  Also being a simple wire wreath, it can easily be stored once the holidays are over.

While I am planning to use velvet ribbon, I will most likely be mixing it in with my favorite holiday ribbon, double faced satin.  It hangs beautifully and always looks chic.

I love our White Christmas tree and have been wanting to incorporate a large faux sheepskin underneath it.  This is the year.  I stumbled across one at a local thrift store that looked to be brand new.  I have since had it cleaned and plan to drape it beneath the tree.

I also plan on incorporating a few of these milky glass ornaments.  The colors are all basically identical to my own homes palette so they are an obvious match for our holiday decor.

When do you put up your decorations?!