Once upon a time, before the land of blogging and social media, I had just completed decorating my very first dining room in our new home.  I was beyond proud.  I had just finished design school, landed a job designing hotels and thought I knew it all.  I threw our first dinner party and my friend said “This looks so cool!  It’s like the Jetson’s!” hold the phone… The Jetson’s?!!  She meant it in the nicest way possible, I think?!  But still I was not looking to be compared to a cartoon show about the future.  Looking back, she was right.  I tried forcing pieces together that were all too modern.  I only wish I had a picture to show you… again, pre blog and pre social media.  I think I still had a flip phone at the time.

I then flipped the switch because that comment stung me to my core and took the room way more traditional.  Again, I wasn’t happy as this was not really my style either.  I was letting the opinions of others influence my style rather than honing in on my own sense of it.  This is something that I have learned only within the past three or so years.  To truly listen to myself and incorporate the pieces that I love.  And in doing so, I am so much happier in my own home.

For example, there are still remnants from the Jetson Dining Room and the overly Traditional Dining Room in our space today.  But by combining them together, I have achieved a more collected and layered space that makes my heart happy.  The classic white Panton S Chairs, while still modern, look more sophisticated when set against traditional moulding.

Something I have also learned over the years is that Design School may have taught me about drafting and space planning, but it does not teach you about style.  I have learned more about style through blogging over the past seven years than my time at school or my previous job could have ever taught me.  I have been able to see an evolution of my own style throughout the years as well as others that have inspired me to improve my skills.  Diving into design books and magazines in any genre only broaden my appreciation for design and allow me to appreciate details I might otherwise ignore.  So if you are on the hunt to determine what your own style might be, my advice is to immerse yourself in design mags, books, shows, blogs, etc… You will instantly be made aware of what you are drawn to and simply continue down that vein.

I categorize my style, when asked, as Neo Trad.  Every space always has a nod to traditional, with a few other styles mixed in to freshen things up a bit.

So here is a narrow look into the age old question, What Style are You?!





Again, this is a brief look into the many styles out there, but do any of these sing to you?!  What do you call your own style?!  Would love to know.