Thank you all for the kind comments about the new Party Shack over at #ProjetFamJam.  The before and after results were pretty major!  While I knew that the paint and staining the floors would make a huge impact in the space, I also knew that furnishing this space would be just as important.  The end goal, after all was to create a lounge-y area that would be great for entertaining… no matter the weather.

This is an indoor/outdoor space.  It is detached from the home and nestled in their backyard.  Taking this into consideration, I was hesitant to use standard indoor furniture.  There are some natural elements to deal with in this space and the garage door is open often, so I determined that indoor/outdoor furniture would be the ideal solution.  Knowing this I turned to Article.  I have loved our living room sofa so much these past few months, that I knew that their outdoor furniture would be of the same high quality in both construction and style.  I was right.

I choose the Urba Slate Gray Sectional from Article for two reasons… 1. It screams #ProjectFamJam.  It completely embodies their aesthetic and 2.  While it is an outdoor sofa, the mix of materials made it feel more indoor.  Same goes for the Urba Coffee table.  The beautiful warmth of the Acacia wood paired so nicely with the exposed rafters.  It truly was a match made in Party Shack heaven.

Since the space is covered, I also added the Bali Pendant in White.  Because an oversized light fixture is always a go to in my design book.  But this light fixture (which also comes in black, btw) is weather-smart! Even the power cord.  So inside or out, this pendant can make a big statement.

For the rest of the space we kept it pretty simple.  The original workbench remains in all of it’s rustic glory.  Perfect for serving food or holding a cooler.  And the bar rail was added with some functional and fun additional seating.  I loved the idea of keeping this space a little more playful.  As soon as I saw the rafters my head immediately went to indoor swings.  I constructed them out of some standard cedar boards and some rope.  A quick, affordable and easy project that really made a big impact in the space.  They are so fun to sit in and can also easily be tucked into the rafters if more floor space is needed.

My favorite part about this space is that while it is detached from the main house, it really does reflect back to elements of the entire home in a more playful way.  Something I think any outdoor space should accomplish.

This space will be perfect for viewing college football on cool Fall nights, snuggling up with hot chocolate in the Winter or having a BBQ on the adjoining deck in the Spring and Summer.  So if you have an odd indoor/outdoor space be sure to give an extra thought on how you can make it feel more like home too.  Just because it is outdoors, doesn’t mean it can’t have high style.

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**Furniture provided by Article.  All images and opinions are my own.**