Disney World Outfits
Can you keep a secret??!!!!  We decided a last minute trip to Disney World for Fall Break and are planning to surprise our 8 year old daughter.  That is if I can keep it a secret for another 27 days.  I say last minute, because in the Disney world… a months notice is pretty late to jump on the scheduling band wagon.  But honestly, this is giving me just enough time to pull the surprise together!  Feel free to check out if you have zero interest in the topic… as I realize this is not an Interiors post, but I thought that if my mind goes this deep into planning a trip, I might as well share some of the details with you all as well!

We are not Disney virgins.  I have been numerous times in my life, but this will be my daughter’s second trip.  The last time she went, she was four, obsessed with Elsa and Anna and was more excited about autographs than rides.  Although she went on every single one she was tall enough for at the time.  This go around, at 8, I am hoping there is still some magic left for her.  I still feel the magic in the air every time I walk down Main Street, so I mean she will too, right?!  It really is one of the happiest places and after a hard few weeks of dealing with the sudden loss of my father we decided not to put off the fun.  You never know what will happen tomorrow.

What we are first timers to is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  Holidays at Disney have always been a bucket list item for myself, so I cannot wait to experience Halloween themed events at the Magic Kingdom with my family.  Trick or Treating with Mickey sounds pretty awesome at any age.  And there is a Hocus Locus Live Show… Only my absolute favorite Halloween Movie!

Here are my tips for traveling to Disney (at any time)…

Hotels // Stay on property!!!!!  There are so many advantages to doing this.  Such as extra hours in the parks, travel to each of the parks, services that allow you to purchase items in the parks and they will deliver them to your hotel room and so much more.  But I will say, when we go to Disney, we are at the PARKS!!  So we usually opt for one of the less expensive hotels as we are literally just sleeping and showering there.  So that helps on the Disney Budget.

Merchandise // Again, everything in/around/associated with the park means extra $$!  So I try to stock up ahead of time.  eBay is a great source for Disney Park merchandise.  I have picked up Ears ahead of time and paid only about half of what they are in the parks.  You can also keep an eye out for sales at the Disney Store for the same exact items sold in the parks.  Target is another great spot to pick up little Disney accessories and toys.  I grabbed three packs Mickey pins on clearance for $1.40 each.  These are great little things I can easily throw in my bag and have with me as a surprise for Chloe throughout our visits.  She is very much into flare these days. Patches and pins are always a win!  I also stock up on glow bracelets for the night events.  Yes the Mickey Glow whatever are awesome, but lets face it, you use them once.  The glow bracelets/necklaces are fun because you can wear a ton and even hand some out to neighbors while waiting on the fireworks.

Another thing I stock up on before we get down there are Mickey Ponchos.  Ours lasted for years!!! But it is time to re-up.  The ponchos are a must have.  (These from Amazon are great.)  It will most likely rain at some point during your visit.  The ponchos are light weight and don’t take up too much room in your bags.  Already having them will keep you from having to stand in yet another line for some in the stores on property.  Lets face it, you are already doing a lot of line standing… who wants to do it for a poncho?!

Outfits //  The first time I went to Disney as an adult with my Husband and Stepson we went down with zero prep.  T shirts, Hats, and Mickey Mouse Crocs (because of a flipflop malfunction!)  and spent basically a years salary for items everyone else was wearing.  I have since, learned my lesson and again, stock up before hand!  H&M, Target, Gap, JCrew, Etsy, etc… all have really great Disney themed apparel right now.  So take advantage even if you are planning a trip a few months from now!

Here are what we will be wearing this trip.

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Since we are also attending the Halloween Party, in which you can wear a costume if you so choose, I knew Chloe would need a costume.  Having been down the princess road before and the sweaty itchy mess that are the fancy dresses, I knew I had to find an alternative.  I remembered a few years back I had found this Seller on Etsy who created adorable Apron costumes for kids.  Chloe had a few for dress up when she was younger.  I thought the Apron costume would be the perfect option for this event.  Sure enough, the original shop I had purchased from before had a multitude of Disney options.  I decided to go classic Mickey/Minnie.  We can throw the apron on over a black tank top and tulle skirt from Target and she will be comfy and cute!

 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

1 / 2 / 3

What are your tips?!!?!  Have you been to the Halloween Party?  Any tips on the actual surprise?  I have all the questions! lol

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Happy Monday!