the fashion medley

Let’s be honest, the idea of words created out of mosaic tile is nothing new but this concept has made a bit of a resurgence as of late.  I think the idea of creating a phrase in tile is super effective in a business/retail aspect especially nowadays when everyone is taking Insta shots of their feet.  I know I am guilty of that one almost on the daily.  It is a great way to maintain branding and personalize any space.


I love the fact that this movement is also making its way into the home… for those looking to figuratively and quite literally make a stamp of ownership.  The next few ideas will demonstrate a few different ways that this can be done beautifully in your own home.

I love the idea of incorporating your house numbers into the tile.  Either right outside, or directly inside your entry.

That Kind of Woman

Have a kid’s bathroom?!  This darling idea of clearly defining their vanities is sweet without being too sweet.  This isn’t something that they will grow out of.  It could also be amazing as “His” and “Hers” or “Yours” and “Mine” in a master bathroom.

Style at Home

In the world of emojis we live in, why say it in words when a symbol can get the point across just as well?!  This heart inlaid in tile is simple and thoughtful.  And when executed in classic black and white, well I heart it even more.

A Beautiful Mess

Any of these ideas can be implemented rather inexpensively as well.  They are typically achieved using a small hex mosaic tile or a penny mosaic tile.  You (or your installer) would then plan out the design and snip out the letters/numbers from the tile sheet and replace that particular tile with the contrasting color.  Think of each tile as a pixel…