Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous, right?!?  Well this is one of those times.  The girl and I are skipping out of town this week for some much needed beach action down in Seaside.  Usually just the word beach would be enough to get me excited, but that isn’t even the best part this trip.  Instead of just escaping with my littles, we are spending the week with two of my favorite people and their littles as well.  You may know them too… Grace, from A Storied Style & Jen, from I Heart Organizing!  My favorite thing about having this site has been the opportunity to connect with others.  This has led to a few really close friendships that span across numerous states.  So it is very exciting when we are able to meet up in person for a non blog related trip and just have fun!  So it will be the three of us + six kids in tow.

Now I know this is a departure from the day to day decor posts around here, but I just had to share a few things I picked up for our last minute trip!!

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Two more things //
I grabbed this skirt in both colors.  It is super flattering, crazy comfortable and might just be on a constant loop in my summer wardrobe.
I also ordered this kaftan for the pool this Summer.  Fortunately it showed up just in time for our trip.