This is a post two years in the making!!  Yes, two years!  Back in April of 2016, right after we had completed our Kitchen Makeover I decided to stain our bathroom grout after seeing our kitchen backsplash installed with a charcoal/black grout.  I loved the look and wanted to have the same feel in our little bathroom.  But after immediately going through the process and staining the grout I took some pictures and had the post written, all ready to post and then I hesitated.  I paused because sure it looked great then, but I had just completed it.  How well would this stain really hold up after a month of use, a year?! What would cleaning products do to it?!  So I waited.  And now here we are two years later, almost to the month, and I am here to tell you all of the details.  And I am thrilled to say it all looks just as good today as it did then.

The original medium gray grout was worn… and after a few tile repairs and patches the new grout never quite seemed to blend with the original.  Something probably only I would notice, but I noticed!  So I bought a bottle of GroutRenew in Charcoal.  I read the directions, cleaned the existing tile and grout thoroughly and began to paint each and every grout line in our bathroom.  Using a small paint brush and working in small(ish) 2×2 sections, I would paint the GroutRenew on and then wipe over it until clean with a damp cloth.  (Make sure that the cloth you use is something you will never need to use again… It gets pretty dirty.)  Besides being time consuming, the process was relatively easy.  Paint, wipe, repeat.  Over and over.

As you can see on the image below, the top had been completed, the middle is pre wiping, and the bottom is the original.

I have since used numerous cleaning agents, including bleach, and the grout still looks crisp and clean, and best of all Charcoal.

There are only two little spots that don’t seem to hold the stain, whenever that 1/4″ section fades too much, I simply paint over a little more Grout Renew and I am good for about another six months.

So whether you are looking to update a bathroom, laundry room, backsplash… this really is a great product to change the look of your tile without starting from scratch.