I am partnering with Kohler to discuss some of the latest trends in bathroom and kitchen design.  The timing actually could not be better as I have recently completed the Master Bath over at #ProjectFamJam and the results land right into two of Kohler’s projected trends for 2018.  White and Pattern.

Now White is nothing new to Bathroom or Kitchen designs, it is classic and clean… two things typically desired in those spaces.  But the latest trends are to take white a little deeper and layer in different finishes, textures, materials.  Mixing glossy tiles with a honed surface for example feels a little more modern, yet still retains the classic timeless feel.

Pattern can be interpreted various ways and I am always excited to introduce it into every space I design.  Whether subtle or bold, pattern can be translated into these spaces by the orientation of a tile; a backsplash, flooring, shower niche… contrasting grout colors can make the pattern feel even more pronounced.  I also feel that a graphic marble countertop with a lot of movement, while organic, can be a dramatic pattern to be introduced into a space.  Textiles and rugs can bring a softness and another element to these rooms.  They are also easier to switch up as the mood strikes, so have fun with towels, rugs, window coverings and even artwork.

A few weeks back, I shared some progress over at #ProjectFamJam and their Master Bathroom reno.  Just to remind you, this was originally a spare bedroom that we have transformed into a layered and eclectic bathroom filled with textures, patterns and mixed metals.   I borrowed materials from throughout the house, but we have installed them in various ways to create a cohesiveness.  It blends seamlessly with the rest of the home, but still feels like its own oasis.

On trend with Kohler’s projections, I used a lot of white in this space (much like the rest of the home) but to keep it from feeling flat or sterile I brought in various textures and finishes to keep the space interesting.  The beveled glossy subway tile paired with the honed marble and the flat shaker cabinets all work together beautifully.

Loving the Kohler Purist faucets in Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold in the Guest Bathroom, we decided to switch things up in the Master and opt for the Chrome.  I then layered in some brass accents to tie into the rest of the home.  While I always love mixing metals, I think it really works well in this space.  Chrome is an easy finish to mix with in a bathroom especially because I feel the mirrors in the bathroom and the chrome are so similar.  They become one look that can be paired with a multitude of items.  The faucets work so well with the under-mount Verticyl Sinks from Kohler.  And I think that the rectangular shape is a little more interesting than your standard round or oval.  Again, always trying to add something a little different helps to make this home stand apart from the rest.

Wanting to have some interest with the mirrors, but still keep them rather simple I choose a beveled frameless mirror in this elongated hexagonal shape.  We then had them mounted on top of the beveled subway tiled wall for even more interest and depth.

The lighting fixtures throughout the home each have their own special moment.  While simple fixtures, these three sconces stand on their own as well.  We choose to place two over the mirrors and felt that by adding one more in the center really balanced out the cabinets below.  And rather than adding a simple exposed bulb, these gold dipped bulbs really made the fixtures.  Now the light is reflected around not glaring in the mirror or down on top of you.

Purist Shower Head / Purist Shower Valve / 12″ Rain HeadPurist Valve

The large walk-in shower really shows off our subtle mix of Patterns in this space.  It shares the vanity’s beveled subway tiled wall, elongating the space.  I choose to pair the subway tile with the white hex tile on the shower floor as we did in the Guest Bathroom.  But this time we kept the wall grout white and and the floor tile grout black.  The black grout on the shower floor tile helps to bring in the dark tones of the gray herringbone tile on the main floor but also enhance the pattern of the hex.  While all different, the mix of patterns works well due to them all being a different scale… small, medium and large. Had any of them been to close in size it could have felt a little much.

We continued the Chrome Purist Shower fixtures in this space as well.  The cross handles and the 12″ diameter overhead rain shower are my favorite additions to this shower.

And speaking of herringbone, you might remember that we used that pattern in the kitchen as well.  It is the backsplash tile in that space.  But by bringing it into the bathroom in a large scale it adds a repetitive quality without being the same thing over and over in each room.  We added a vintage rug for a touch of softness, as well as the addition of this vintage bench for another layer of texture and warmth.

When moving in their furniture, we decided to break apart their existing bedroom set a bit and incorporate her lingerie chest into the bathroom.  The warm wood and traditional lines really are a great juxtaposition from the rest of the space.  And fortunately it fit perfectly within the remaining space on the toilet wall.  The classic lines of the Kohler Tresham Toilet marry well with the chest as well as the vanity.  And while we could have hung a single piece of art over the toilet, I threw out the not so expected (in a bathroom) idea of creating more of a gallery feel.  We all loved the idea, so after adding two simple art rails wall to wall I was able to load them up with tons of art.  This way they can be switched out or added to over time.

A lot of the art is either from books or flea markets.  Making this wall affordable to fill in a short time.  Thrift store frames also helped keep the budget down on this project!  One of my favorite design tips for framing a lot of art at once.

I think my favorite detail about the Kohler Tresham Toilet is the handle placement.  The little detail is another unexpected touch in this space.

Creating an (almost) entirely white bathroom could have easily felt flat but by mixing patterns, textures and finishes I believe that this space is really a stand out in their home.

**This post was sponsored by Kohler.  For more inspiration, visit ideas.kohler.com.  All images and opinions are my own.**

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