Before deciding to do the art rail installation over the toilet, the blank wall seemed rather ominous.  While not a huge spans of wall, it was definitely large enough that a single piece of art may not have been quite enough.  Knowing how much the couple loves art, I played with the idea of a traditional gallery wall, but in the end the art rail/ledge idea felt right.  It was an unexpected choice for the bathroom and you all know that I like to take the unexpected route whenever possible.

This install could have happened a few ways… I could have built the art rails from scratch.  Totally possible, but time was a factor.  So I opted for ready made Mosslanda ledges from Ikea.  Wanting them to run the full width of the wall, I did have to modify them a little bit.  After purchasing 4 rails, I installed the first two in their full length.  If you are unable to attach them into the studs, be sure to use the proper wall anchors for your space/walls.  I then cut down two of the remaining rails to the exact length needed using my radial arm saw.  This ensured the cut would be clean a quick as to not compromise the white finish.

The shelves were now up and filled the entire wall!  There was a little bit of cosmetics to deal with, I used a tube of white latex caulk used for trim, windows and doors to deal with the seams.  I added a thin bead of caulk to the ends (against the walls) as well as the seams where the two ledges meet.  To cover the screws, the ledges come with a pack of little white stickers.  Honestly, you can use them or not.  I knew that I would be piling on as much art as possible, and the holes would never be visible.

Then came the fun part, layering on all of the art!