Phew!  So we have had quite an exciting few weeks… The husband had surgery and at the same time the kiddo was home with a high fever for days upon days.  So I spent 99.9% of my time on nurse duty.  On my sporadic moments of down time, I decided we needed two floor lamps for our living room.  All because that is the practical thing to do during times of recovery.  Does anybody else’s brains work like that?! During times of stress and exhaustion the most relaxing thing for me to do is to restyle a corner, rearrange furniture or search the internet for something new and shiny.  lol

I have loved the floor lamp we used over at #ProjectFamJam for the One Room Challenge (in the image above!).  It was affordable but still had that high end quality about it.  Trouble is, it disappeared shortly after the reveal (it may have even been right before!).  So I was on the hunt for an alternative that wasn’t $2K.  I was also inspired by a few others images… so I decided to keep my mind open to other styles.


Studio McGee

I have narrowed my choices down to these… and luckily they are all under $150.  Truthfully, most are under $100!  I love the idea of one of the tripod lamps, but I am not sure I have the footprint to accommodate the legs and a table… Time to get out the tape measure & sketch pad.

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