If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you might realize by now that I have a thing for faces or portraits.  Abstract, photography, paintings, vintage, new… for some reason I am enamored by them and gravitate towards them.  We have faces allover our own home (all over #ProjectFamJam as well!) and today I get to introduce a new face to you all.  Meet Kristin.  I have paired up with the Josh Young Design House to create my own custom piece and she has been named after me.  How fun is that?!

Here is a little story behind Josh’s process //  After spending years in Milan, he amassed a collection of digital images of beautiful portraits he visited throughout his time there.  He later decided to breathe new life into these portraits by allowing the viewer to appreciate them in a new way.  Each digital piece is printed and then he hand paints a swath of paint across the face (typically the eyes in this collection) why the eyes?!  When looking at a typical portrait it is human nature to look into the eyes first, by adding the swoosh of paint you are drawn into the other aspects of the painting.  The details of the clothing of the time, the jewelry, the hair, the background… After hearing about Josh’s process, I loved the works even more.

When creating “Kristin” I was able to select my portrait from a beautiful collection.  I was instantly drawn to this one because of the details in her dress and that bow!  I mean… can you even?!  Wanting to personalize her even more, Josh was able to manipulate the background into my favorite shade of dark green.  Once that was completed, she was perfect!  Dark and mysterious, but beautiful all at the same time.  When it came to the paint color, we went with an ecru to stand out from the green, but not compete.  I love how she is still neutral enough to work in just about any location, but she definitely has a presence about her.

I had so much fun incorporating her into my home.  Here she is hanging out in the library.  Kristin fits right in with my new to me French Bust Andirons from 1880.

I love the mix of old and new.  So pairing her with this Black and White piece by Kate Roebuck was a match made in heaven.

I then moved her into the hallway and I think this is where she will stay.  Her coloration helps to marry the entire home, all of which you can basically see from this location.  The subtle blush pinks from our kitchen, the deep greens in our living room, the neutral beige tones in our library, they are all there.  I love walking through the hall and seeing her everyday.

And the best news is, if you love “Kristin” as much as I do, you can add her to your own home as well.  She is available over at Josh Young Design House along with a vast collection of other stunning portraits.