Whew!  Happy New Year! lol.  Am I the only one struggling to roll into a rhythm in 2018!?  It doesn’t help that C’s school hasn’t had a full week back this year either.  We have yet another Snow Day today, but I do have to admit that it is nice having legit snow (okay, legit for the South!) for the second time in a month or so.  But these single digit temps have me wanting to crawl right back into bed & simply enjoy the view through the window.

We were slow getting Christmas decorations down this go around as well.  After all of our holiday guests leaving and injuring myself on a zip line (alcohol may or may not have been involved.  ugh)  We finally got around to taking it all down.  I loved our little advent calendar I made using a necklace holder so much that I decided to leave it out.  However, I don’t own that many necklaces… but I do own quite a few pairs of glasses, so voila! Chic little glasses stand.  And after wearing glasses full time the past two years, I have finally granted myself a glasses wardrobe vs a single pair.  It is fun to switch them up.

While it has been crickets on my site, I have been working hard on our addition plans.  But none of the fun stuff that you would like to see or hear!  Financing options, interest rates, property setbacks, appraisals… definitely the not so fun side of the project.  But I do have final plans and exterior elevations that I am so excited to share!  And of course I have plenty more Renovation Wishlist posts ready to go, so be on the lookout for my inspirations.

Although it has been a slow start, I am really looking forward to 2018 fully believe the future is so bright!  Don’t you just love that little pouch from India Hicks, btw!  Sending positive vibes out to you all!! xo – K