Jenna Lyons home via T Magazine

On today’s renovation wishlist I am diving into some major Master Bathroom eye candy.  And the bathroom above is an inspiration I could honestly base the entire renovation around.  Jenna Lyons home is everything.  Just everything. Classic, traditional, modern, layered, perfection.

When discussing ideas with our Architect I mentioned we really wanted a large walk-in shower (after showering in the standard tub/shower situation for over a decade) and that we really didn’t need a tub.  But after he completed our plans, it just so happened that pushing out the bathroom wall would work better for the exterior and that left space for a tub… and I kinda fell in love with the possibilities.

Christina Murphy

I mean I may not take a tub everyday, but this certainly would be inviting when I do want to take one!  And apparently I am drawn to this shape because almost every inspiration I find has this tub.  This reiterates my tip that when looking to tackle the design of a space, go through Pinterest, blogs, Instagram or go old school and actually flip through a magazine or a book and simply pull images you love.  You’ll be surprised that when you look at them as a whole later certain elements begin to pop out that are so similar!

House of Jade Interiors

I also love the moulding in the image below.  We will actually have enough room for some builtin shelves & cabinets on either side of our tub.  I am giddy over the ideas of styling this space.  I preferred the idea of builtins vs a linen closet, why?!  I feel that in a deeper closet items tend to get shoved to the back and are never seen or used again.  Where if we have a combination of open and closed storage we can hide the not so pretty but absolutely functional items in the cabinets and the prettier items can be left out.

source unknown // please let me know if you know where this is from!!

Another similarity between most of my inspiration images and a big trend yet classic look is large format marble tiles and even the use of slabs with beautiful veining.


I am toying with multiple ideas at the moment on how to achieve this look including large format tiles and even the idea of a man made alternative that would require no sealing… I will be sure to let you all know if my little investigation into this idea pans out or not.  But I am loving the idea of no grout lines to clean in a big shower!

You can see the rest of my Inspirations on my Addition Pinterest board as well as my Renovation Page.

xo – Kristin