The white tree is back up for year three, and I am still absolutely in love with it.  I mean if you are going to have a fake tree, why not have some fun with it?!  While the actual tree is the same, some non Christmas decor has changed.  Remember when I found this Burled Wood Coffee Table at Goodwill?! Well, after researching the heck out of it, I could not find any markings to tell me if it was a piece with major value.  Only dimensions of each panel were handwritten on the interior panels.  So I took it from end table height (about 24″) to coffee table height by cutting about 6″ off of the bottom of the cube.  I could not be more thrilled with the results.  It is the perfect size for our space now, and I no longer have to clean the mirrored table top twelve times a day.  Can I get an amen?!  And the absolute best part… since it is hollow on the inside, I may or may not be hiding all of the Christmas presents under there.  Shhh!!  Don’t tell.  Being that it is about 40 lbs, there is no way that little eyes will figure that one out for a while!

Another major change is our new handwoven rug from Armadillo & Co.  We ordered it a while back after choosing from some gorgeous samples (you can see that post here!) and from the moment it came in it has been a family favorite.  After living with it for a few months I can attest to the durability of it as well, even though it is a white rug.  The fact that it is wool, it repels a lot of stains inherently and if anything has fallen on it, i.e. blue Powerade (I may have a few more gray hairs after that one!) my favorite dry carpet cleaner managed to get the stain right out.  It is also just about the softest rug on the planet.

This style of rug has been around for ages, so I can count on this being a timeless piece for our family.  I also can’t get over the hand cut stripes that are in it.  You know I have a weak spot for anything striped, so adding that to this style of rug won me over.  So if you are still making your list out to Santa, I think you should add this rug!

And while I am loving the more neutral vibe of the space.  I did interject some rich green tones to the space for the holiday and beyond thanks to my green velvet and brass ottomans (year round) and varying shades of green ribbons for the tree.  Having a base of neutral and metallic ornaments allows me to easily switch up an accent color every year or so.  Or basically whenever the mood strikes.

Can we talk about the wrapping paper?  I think Joanna Gaines designed it especially for my tree this year.  Ha!  The black and green plaid is perfection and these white Ho Ho Ho tags from the Dollar Spot at Target were such a good find.

I also felt that I could let a good majority of our shatterproof ornaments go this year.  Chloe has never really been one of those kids to get into the tree anyways, so now that she is a little older I decided to invest in some glass ornaments this year.  Most were picked up locally, like the hand painted and gold leafed dark green beauties.  As well as the black and white color blocked ones.

I was also fortunate enough to snag my favorite ornament to date.  A hand painted mother and child ornament by the talented Hayley Mitchell.  She makes a limited number each year, so be on the lookout next year if you are interested.

I love how magical this time of year is.  And the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree just take it to the next level.  If you need me, I”ll be listening to Christmas music with a warm Chai Latte and wrapping presents.  This really is my favorite time of the year.

xo – Kristin