wood painted ornaments 1 + 2 / blue and white ornaments / balloon dogs

Remember a few weeks ago I shared one of my new favorite ornament sources!? Well I am finally sharing where I used all of my new Kat & Annie Ornaments, in C’s room.  New room means new tree right?!  Well, in this case it definitely does.  She has had a little silver tinsel tree the past few years.  I always thought it was big enough until I saw her standing next to it last year, ha! So this year I asked her what kind of tree she wanted… her response was a white tree with bows like the big one.  Like mother, like daughter.  So we opted for a skinnier version of a white tree for her space and of course added in some bows.

Having the gorgeous floral fabric on her bed to pull colors from, we went really non traditional and just had fun with it.  The pink and green Balloon Dog ornaments added a fun punch of color and whimsy, while the marbled blue and white ones (my favorites!!) pick up on the denim curtain panels on her bed and the denim and tasseled tree skirt.  I also am head over heels for the wooden finial ornaments.  Only they aren’t wood, they are glass!!  But the tone of the “wood” is the exact same as her bed frame, so they were an obvious choice.

faux fur pillows / white tree / pug / fawn / desk chair

faux fur pillows / white tree / pug / fawn / desk chair

and shhhhhh!!!!!!  That faux fur desk chair is one of her Christmas presents!!!  Her class sits on yoga balls at school everyday, so she has requested one at home too.  And of course I couldn’t’t get just ANY ergonomic ball.  This one from Pottery Barn Teen is so fun.  I really think she is going to love it.

xo – Kristin