There is only a week left until Christmas (insert om-goodness face here)!!  So whether you are looking for a last minute gift or you are looking to simplify your life a little bit, I have the answer for you.  And yes… it is a light bulb.  A very smart light bulb.  We have been incorporating many Smart Home features over the past year; we have a smart assistant (Amazon Echo), a smart thermostat, a smart ceiling fan, even a smart scent diffuser… all things that are intended to make your life easier.  One of the items I have been wanting to add to the house has been Smart Light Bulbs.  And I have been doing a lot of research!!!  Many on the market today are over the top pricey, so I was thrilled to be introduced to Sengled Element Bulbs.  At only $9.99 a bulb, you can easily begin to turn your entire home into a Smarter one.

When you first get your starter set, you receive two bulbs and a hub.  This hub allows you to create groupings of whatever bulbs are in a space.  For example, I have these lights in our Living Room and Bedroom.  I can group all of the ones in the Living Room together so they all turn on (& off) at once using either your phone, an assistant like Alexa or your existing switch.  This has been a bit of a game changer for us in an older home.  Our Living Room does not have a switch for the lights!! So we would have to switch on and off five lamps and/or sconces.  So being able to open an app on my phone and control them all at once is as my daughter would put it, “so cool!”

The bulbs are the same size as a standard bulb and will work in any of your existing light fixtures with a standard base.  And major bonus, they will turn any light fixture into a dimmable one.  It is easy to schedule the bulbs to turn on and off when you would like, as well.  Great for slowly waking up in the morning or gradually dimming to get you ready for bed at night.

The color output of the Sengled Element is a nice warm tone and is equivalent to a 60 watt bulb.

My favorite part though (especially at Christmas!) has been being able to sync up my Sengled Element lights with my Christmas lights.  So now I simply say “Alexa, turn on Christmas” and bam all of our lights are on.

And on top of the Sengled Element Bulbs, I have also added a few Element Plus bulbs to our home.  With these bulbs you can still group them all using the same hub and app, which is amazing because who wants another device?!  The added feature with the Element Plus bulbs is you can change the color temperature of the bulbs by simply sliding your finger on the app.  This way you can completely customize the lights in your space to be the right color temperature to suit your home.

I never thought that lightbulbs could be “so cool!”

xo – Kristin

**This post was sponsored by Sengled.  I was compensated and provided Element bulbs to review.  All of the pictures and opinions are entirely mine.  And after reviewing I have bought an entire house worth.  They are that good.**