I promised you all the easiest Christmas DIY ever, and I am pretty sure this is it.  I have been searching high and low for a reasonably priced advent calendar for C to count down the season… In years past we have done a small trinket or toy, or 24 days of books but these all ended up being a one off for the year and not a solution we can pull out year after year.  I was feeling a bit like Olaf trying to find a tradition.  I have come across a few store bought options that I liked, but they were either too big, something you have to hang on the wall (something we do not have space for) or they have been filled with candy… we do not need more candy!!!  So while perusing Target with my mom over the Thanksgiving break I had an Aha Moment.  It involved this brushed brass necklace display, bakers twine and some mini ornaments (I used these here, here & here).  We could have 24 days of ornaments that she can hang on the tree.

The necklace display was the perfect size, the only change I made was to swap the side the bar was on.  There is one screw on the back, so after unscrewing it I simply swapped the bar to the back.  This allows the ornaments to hang straight.  After that, I picked out my 24 ornaments, tied on a bit of bakers twine and called the project done.  Is it considered a diy if you only have to screw in one screw and tie 24 knots?!  I love how simple and compact it is, but it is also something that can easily be reused year after year.  If my color scheme changes I can swap out the ornaments, plus I can even use the necklace display as it was intended throughout the year.

Thank goodness for Target and their end caps of random items (& the dollar spot!).  If you haven’t checked it out yet, they have some great gift tags over in the dollar spot right now.  I have officially stocked up.

xo – Kristin