Round 3!  Today I am dreaming up ideas for our future Laundry Room.  After doing laundry in a stacker shoved in an awkward closet for ten years, the idea of actually having a full size washer and dryer with some counter space to actually fold clothes on is literally mind blowing.  While we aren’t planning a huge space, something large enough for my folding boards would be ideal.  Btw, do you use folding boards?!  They have been a game changer for us.  These are my favorites.

I would love something like the Laundry Room I designed for Electrolux (pictured above), but something a little smaller would be ideal for us.

I am loving this layout with the large apron front sink in between.  And bonus points, my architect loved this layout too… so hoping this is similar to the final plan.

Amber Interiors

I haven’t decided yet whether or not a utility sink is a must, so I am also loving this tucked in nook as well.  Those lights and tile aren’t too bad either!

Is a sink a must for your laundry room?!  I would love to know!

xo – Kristin