table // ottoman // chair // tufted mattress

The Library is complete! Phew.  While this space came together fairly easy, there were a few more detailed projects that went into this space.  We kept our existing builtins and the “fireplace” mantel.  But everything else has been switched to transform this space from my daughter’s old makeshift bedroom into our new library.  As this room sits in the middle of our home, it was time to have it relate more to the living areas.

If you are not familiar, here was the before //

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I wanted our home to have the same design vibes as our Master Bedroom.  Neutral and classic with fun patterns and a touch of color mixed in.  So I grounded the room with a new offset stripe area rug I purchased from Wayfair, in a great taupe and ivory.   I then added some fun pattern and rich textures with these pillows from Little Design Co.  those antelope pillows have my heart.  They are perfection!!

After painting over my stepson’s black bedroom, I knew I needed to incorporate it somewhere else in our home.  So I took the leaf green builtins to black after falling head over heels for the builtins we did at #ProjectFamJam.  It really balances out the room in relation to our living room with the black ceiling.

table // ottoman // chair // tufted mattress // area rug

Having this space be a multi function room was very important.  Especially until we move forward with the addition.  99.3% of the time it will be the library.  We are already using it more than I thought!  I love being able to spread my ideas and samples out on our new table and my daughter loves snuggling up on the daybed with her latest chapter book.  Because she is so proud she is now big enough to actually read chapter books!

The rest of the time, we also needed a guest room.  My mother visits pretty frequently and if the boy ever needs to come home to crash we wanted to have a space for him as well.  To remedy this need, I built a bedframe into the builtins and created a daybed of sorts in the space.  But rather than using a traditional mattress, I went with a French Tufted mattress instead to make it feel more like an upholstered piece.  This left ample opportunity to dress the mattress with all of the antelope and velvet pillows!

Seating in here is pretty fluid as well.  The large black velvet lounge chair is an unexpected fit at the table, but as the chair sits a little higher it is a perfect fit.  I also love having these chic velvet ottomans around the house.  They work everywhere and are light enough they can easily be moved from space to space when needed.  I can also pull in our ghost chairs as additional seating if a spur of the moment dinner party happens!

Our mantel got quite the makeover as well!  Here was the sweet before… I really did love this moment in her old room.

And now…

area rug // brass library sconces // ottoman

I’ll share more about that and the art on Monday, but after an afternoon of work the faux fireplace feels like I have always wanted in to.  I also added some additional light in the space with these brass library sconces.  They really help to finish off the area and relate to the fixtures in the rest of the house.

I also took on more trim, because I am addicted.  These spaces will be fun to fill with art as I find the perfect pieces.  I am an old pro at this point with trim work, but I do have to pat myself on the back for figuring out the correct angle on this little angled wall.  I would love to tell you how I did it, but honestly I am not quite sure how I did! HA.  All I know was it involoves 123 degree angles but cutting them at alternate 22.5 degree… see, confusing.  So I will just leave it with this pretty picture instead.

I am also excited to finally be able to showcase my original work by Gee Gee Collins.  This abstract nude is filled with so many beautiful swaths of color.  It really needed to be featured.  Hanging it over the windows helps draw attention to it and makes it even that much more special.

Be sure to check back in Monday for the fireplace details and a new artwork collaboration.

xo – Kristin

**Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring some of the items in the room.  All photography and opinions are my own.**