cheese knives // pumpkin cutting board // tassel napkins // magnolia plates s/4 // hex coasters // salt + pepper // white tray // pumpkin candle

Much like Christmas decor around our home, I tend to shy away from the traditional colors and shapes.  Same goes for Halloween and Fall decor… it is not really my thing.  We trick or treat with friends elsewhere, so I feel guilty decorating for Halloween and then not being home for the kids!  So we typically just skip that decor.  But when I came across this pumpkin shaped cutting board above, I swayed from my “not really a pumpkin person” ways and felt it was something festive and chic I could easily get behind.  Also, it can stretch you through the entire season being such a clean and simple design.  I am actually planning a little Fall something something and can’t wait to use this.  I am envisioning a killer Fall inspired Charcuterie Board (meats and cheese board is so much easier to say).

Also, those tasseled napkins are entertaining perfection!!  They come in multiple colors too… Camel, Persimmon and White as shown above.

Has Fall weather hit your house yet?!  The first cool breezes came our way this week & it has been amazing.  Happy Friday!!

xo – Kristin