Alexander & Co.

When planning our addition, I had a pretty set plan in mind.  I knew we needed/wanted a master suite and a mudroom/laundry room.  And since we will be losing our top deck, the addition of a smaller top deck or porch would be ideal for a grill and a small sitting area.  My architect and I both agree that the best location to enter into the new addition from our existing home would be through our dining room, or the space which is now our library.  The only issue was, if we build directly off of this space, this area loses all natural light.  His potential solution is to create a central courtyard or patio off of the library and then have the addition wrap around that area.  Two things… 1.) I love how creative that solution is and that it is not your typical plan.  2.) We are on a very open three road corner lot, so the idea of having a private outdoor space sounds amazing.  Okay… and one more thing, goodness I love to style an outdoor space.

Butler Armsden Architects

Helen Green Design Studio

Obviously we will have to see if this is the best solution for our property and the needs of the addition, but I am excited by the possibility.  My husband on the other hand isn’t sold on the idea, so I am hopeful that when we start reviewing plans that maybe he can be swayed a bit.

xo – Kristin