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Chloe’s new room and loft bed are complete and we are all in love.  As I mentioned before, we transitioned her into my stepson’s old room as he has left for college.  My daughter, who is seven now, choose the initial design for her room from one of my design books and was adamant that her bed be identical to the inspiration.  So I have done my best to accommodate, while still incorporating items we already had.  The biggest success for us is how much floor space she has now.  She can actually spread out and play!!  This has been a foreign concept for us the past few years.  And realizing her days of playing with toys are growing to a close sooner rather than later, I wanted to make sure this space would function well as she grows too.  So come on in and see her fun new space!

loft bed with floral fabricbedding / light fixture / pink pillow / leopard rug / natural fiber rug

Pretty cool, right?! I built the bed (which I talked about here) after realizing the Ikea version this was based off of would have been too short for her.  I added about 18″ of height to the “hangout” area which made a huge difference.  It is now comfortable for my husband and I to sit down there with her and read or play Nintendo Classic.  I was hesitant to put a TV down there, but as it is only hooked up to the video games I played as a child, I think it is pretty cool.  She and I have some pretty epic Super Mario battles down there.

tv under loft bedleopard rug / dog (similar) / indigo curtains

floral loft bedindigo curtains / leopard rug / pink pillow / bedding / beanbag / pink velvet pillow

After the first few days of her sleeping in her new bed we quickly realized there was no easy way to make the bed!  So after doing some research, I found Beddy’s and they have been life changing!  It is a bedding system that is basically a sleeping bag, comforter, fitted sheet hybrid.  The comforter, blanket and sheet are all built into one unit that attaches to the bed like fitted sheet.  The blanket/comforter then zips off like a sleeping bag to get into at night.  And the best part is in the morning, to make the bed all you have to do is zip it up.  She thinks it is the best thing ever and now I don’t have to remake the bed each morning. lol!

boo slippers on little girlslippers (similar) / bedding / pajamas (similar)

loft bed, campaign dressers, lucitelight fixture / natural fiber rug / campaign dressers (similar) / indigo curtains

I kept the same light fixture in here because I am slightly obsessed with it.  I also reused the natural fiber rug I had in her old room in this space as well.  I went back and forth on trying to work a rug around the bed, but it just made more sense to put the rug under the entire loft bed to fill the space.  I also added an abstract leopard runner I had in the attic in the “hangout” area.  This rug is a little softer for relaxing on and fit perfectly down in this space.  I also kept the drapery panels that I had created for my stepson’s room.  The large black and white grid were an easy diy and add a fun graphic element in the space.  They were made out of Ikea white drapery panels and 1.5″ wide black grosgrain ribbon.  I attached the ribbon in a large grid using fabric glue.

Besides the bed, the other big change in the room are the walls.  They were black and I switched them to white with the thanks of some High Hide Kilz primer.  I also added panel moulding to tie into the rest of the home.  It really made a big difference in this space and I love the traditional elements paired with more modern pieces and lines.

pineapple hamperpineapple hamper (similar here & here) / shoes (similar)

I had to bring her pineapple hamper into this space again… because it is amazeballs as Chloe would say.  And good news for you all wanting to know where to find one of your own!!!!  I found mine at Homegoods last year.  Like literally ran to it!  But I could not find another one anywhere to share with you.  Well fast forward a few months and now both PBTeen and Pier1 have their own versions.

And if you missed it, I shared how I “wallpapered” the fabric onto the bed here.

lucite garment rackbrass hardware / pom pom sneaker (similar)

lucite garment rack, campaign dresserlampbrass hardware / campaign dressers (similar)

One of my favorite additions to the space is her lucite closet rods and her campaign dressers.  Now this room does not have a closet… yet.  When we do the addition, the plan is to add one on.  So rather than closing in her desk space (you’ll see that in a minute!) I choose to create this open closet over here.  Plus she has only ever had exposed clothes, so I am not sure she would know what to do with a real closet!  I used lucite rods I picked up on sale locally, but I usually order my custom rods here.  I then attached them using various brass elbows and brackets.  Having them built around our existing Ave Home campaign dressers makes the entire area feel purposeful vs. I don’t have a closet so I am just shoving some stuff over here! Ha.

And besides, little girl clothes are just too cute not to be on display anyways.

lucite garment rackpom pom sneaker (similar)

emoji pursehook (similar) / bags (similar here, here & here)

desk in girl's roommushroom lamps / ghost chair / bow pillow (similar) / natural fiber rug / ice cream cone bank vintage (similar)

This area, you may remember, was her brother’s rarely used desk area as well.  We had those white campaign dressers under the desk when this was his space.  He used the desk as a catchall for the most part while doing homework on his bed.  She on the other hand needed a real desk space (& some extra storage!) so after removing the campaign dressers I built two cabinets to 1.) Hold up the desk! and 2.) Store all of her toys and copious amounts of craft supplies.

I painted the black shiplap from his space in a high gloss navy and topped it off with a blush pink abstract painting she and I did together.  The brushed brass mushroom lamps from Grandin Road were the perfect touch.  They relate back to the ceiling fixture and provide necessary task lighting in this space.

mushroom lamp mushroom lamps / black vase / stapler

loft bed, desk
The space simultaneously feels youthful and sophisticated.   It is just so rewarding to have her and her friends run into the space to play, or for her to climb up her bed and read a book.  After having her live in the middle of our home (our dining room) the past few years I love the fact that this is truly her space.

kid reading in bed
xo – Kristin

**Thanks to Beddy’s and Grandin Road for their contributions to the space**