A few weeks ago, I shared that I had found an amazing burl wood table at a local thrift store for next to nothing.  A piece like this has been on my design wishlist for years now, so as soon as I saw it I grabbed it!!  I knew it would be perfect for our living room scale wise and was excited for the opportunity to have a slightly smaller coffee table.

We have loved our mirrored/glass coffee table, but as you can imagine a mirrored surface and a child equals cleaning the coffee table basically every hour on the hour to keep fingerprints away.  The only issue was… the wood stain does not work with our pink living room rug.  The coffee table basically blended right into the rug and neither complimented each other.  And while it was a tough choice to make, I have made peace with parting ways with the pink.  It is time for a change.

After having our home shot for Better Homes and Gardens last year, the photographer asked me a question… “Which space do you feel most represents you?  The living room right?” I nodded my head and said “Yeah” but after pondering that question after they left, I realized that I am most comfortable in our Bedroom.  The neutral antelope walls, the classic black linen tufted headboard, the rich graining of our dresser all come together to create my favorite space in the house.

I took that idea and switched up the kitchen to be a little more neutral (but not boring) and again, it just feels right to me.

So I am moving forward with going a little more neutral and textural in the living room.

We have tried a few other rugs in the past few years, but have learned that thin flat woven rugs do not work for our family and we need something that will work with our existing decor.  Fortunately, the majority of my furniture is already classic and neutral.  I have a black English Rolled Arm sofa, a natural linen tufted Chesterfield chair and acrylic and brass accents throughout.  And obviously my new table… these will all work well with a new rug.

These are the options I am considering.  They are all quality handmade rugs from Armadillo & Co. that will be able to transition with our family over time.  Traditional designs made by global artisans using traditional techniques.  They are all made out of natural and sustainable materials and are some of the softest rugs you will ever come across.  Even the natural woven options that can sometimes feel rough underfoot are amazingly soft.

top / middle / bottom left / bottom right

I love love loved the woven options.  The darker weave was so unexpected, but with my black sofa and my black ceiling, I felt it would not have been the best fit.  And the neutral woven has so much texture and depth in person, but I just did my daughter’s room in a neutral woven.  This left the two patterned options.

I have decided to move forward with the graphic and textural Nala Rug.

While this overall design feels very now, it is also a design that has stood the test of time over centuries.  I love that the traditional pattern has been updated a bit with the hand trimmed striped effect running through the entirety of the rug.  This design marries my love of graphic patterns, black and white and textures all in one.  Plus tassels!  And the sample looks unreal with the table stain.

Having had experience with these all natural woven rugs I know that they are easy to maintain and clean (even though they are very light!) and the rug will only get better with age.  I’ll be sure to share as soon as it gets into the space!

xo – Kristin