Vintage Black Door Knobs.  Missing Latch.
I have just tackled a long and overdue project in our home that had my husband and I looking at each other asking “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”  We replaced all of our interior door hardware using Schlage products and not only do they function so much better, but it also gave the doors a completely new look.  Now I will start by prefacing, I loved the look of our original hardware.  They were not original to our 60+ year old home, but they definitely had a lot of age on them (especially the inner workings).  The issues we have had went from doors not staying closed, the knobs coming apart when you went to pull the door open, to the major issue of my daughter and stepson getting locked in his room after a spring broke on one of the latch bolts.  We tried minor fixes and replacing individual parts, but after the kids having to crawl out of the window to get out of their room we decided we just needed new hardware!

Removing existing Doorknob.
I removed all of the knobs and piece milled hardware from all of the doors, filled holes, sanded and repainted each of the doors (honestly one of the reasons I didn’t replace everything sooner!) And I also took this opportunity to strip the original ball hinges that had been painted over numerous times.  After being painted white for so many years, I was shocked to find out that they were polished brass! Well all except one, but that was easily replaced.  The polished brass finish made sense because an extra door that is in our attic had a polished brass and crystal door knob.  I would’ve loved to see them all intact and installed years and years ago.

The hinges led me to search for a bright brass knob to coordinate, so when searching through Schlage’s Style Selector I was able to choose the finish I wanted and narrow down my choices.  I came across the Orbit knob with Century trim Hall & Closet lock and instantly loved the idea that the spherical knob directly related to the original ball hinges.  I also wanted to maintain the look of a little history and had the idea to add a bit more detail to our new hardware.  I pulled out some brass key escutcheons I picked up at an estate sale a few years back and loved the look of them together.

Brass Door Knobs, backplates and Key escutcheons.
Installing the new Schlage knobs was a breeze compared to removing the old existing knobs.  And after they were installed and the doors actually opened and closed properly I had to laugh at myself for putting this off for so long.  I love completing a project that makes such a huge difference in so little time, aesthetically and functionally.

Schlage Orbit Knob with Century Backplate
Changing out interior door hardware can instantly give your entire home a fresh new look and can also tie your home design together.  I am not new to the idea of mixing metal finishes, but the switch to the polished brass from painted black softened the look of all of the doors as well as tying into the multiple areas of polished brass already scattered throughout our home.

Bedroom with Antelope Wallpaper, wedding blanket, mcm dresser and Schlage Hardware
New Schlage Door Hardware on Bedroom Closet door.
This particular Knob and backplate combo is also available in bright brass, satin nickel, bright chrome & satin chrome.  So according to your taste, you can easily find a match for your home.  Their style range also varies from traditional to sleek and modern. 

**This post was sponsored by Schlage.  All images and opinions are my own.**