Thank you all for the words of encouragement about building an addition onto our home.  We are so excited about the idea and are planning out our spaces with a lot of thought.  Including our existing spaces.  I told you all last week that we are in the process of moving our daughter into my stepson’s old room.  This allows us to reclaim her old room as our dining room once again.  But… after living without a dining room for three years we have realized it simply isn’t a necessity for us.  This had us reconsidering the rooms function.  Hopefully this space will eventually become the main entrance into the addition.  As we already have builtins wrapping over two French Doors (that currently lead onto our deck) we thought this would be the ideal location to create a cased opening through the builtins and into the new space.  The goal is to have the pass through be something similar to this //

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Now onto how this space functions… When we entertain we usually have food and drinks situated in a central location and we walk around, perch, and congregate in the living room usually.  But it would be nice to have an option for a dining table if needed.  I also need a place to be able to spread out fabric samples, plans, sketches… Currently that usually lands on the floor.  Not ideal.  So we have decided to make this space our “Library”.  A space to read, spread out, relax sans devices.  Another thing we love about this idea was that my husband’s grandmother would always give him books in hopes of one day having a library of his own.  It will be nice to fulfill her wish albeit in a small way.  I am envisioning a smaller scaled round wood table… 48″-54″ with a few unexpected chairs or maybe some ottomans that can tuck under easily for everyday use.  This would make the space easy to walk around once it opens up during the addition.

Here are a few images that have me really excited about our plans.

Betsy Brown

Elle Decor


Fun, right?! As the majority of the room will not be changing structurally we are moving ahead with transforming the space.  Because regardless of if/when… (lets be positive WHEN) the addition happens the round table library concept will work in the current space as well.  I have picked out a few table options from Wayfair & would love to know what your opinion is?! Which one do you think I am going to choose?!

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Happy Friday!! xo – Kristin