As I mentioned yesterday, we have gone through a few changes around our home this Summer.  And one of these changes might cause dramatic reaction.  The boy’s room… is no longer.  I know. I know.  It was a tough choice to make.  Believe me.  The boy has graduated High School, has bought his first car and is off to live the collegiate life.  Fortunately for us (he will still be very close!!) but, he is no longer at the house.  If we had a larger home, I would have loved to keep this space as it is for guests and of course when he comes home to visit.  But… this now vacant room equals 20% of our home.  You may also remember that when we moved him in a few years ago, we moved our young daughter into our dining room.  Something that we were happy to do, but as she is now heading into Second Grade she needs a room with an actual door, does not contain our washer and dryer and doesn’t act as a hallway.

So peace out killer black bedroom.

I thought to help you all visualize a bit more, I would share our existing floor plan.

The room arrangements worked for us while we needed it to, but we are once again playing a round of room roulette to better suit our family’s needs.  So now we have been in the process of creating the little’s new space.  A few months ago, she was perusing through some of my old design mags and books… yes, I know… she is my child after all.  At 18 months I’d stroll her through antique stores and she would point and say “Mama, I yike that chand-a-year!” (I like that chandelier) so needless to say she is very opinionated and knows exactly what she wants.  So when she flipped the page to find Molly Guy’s daughter’s room she said “I want THIS as my new room.” and honestly can you blame her?!

Ikea Loft Bed
My initial thought was awesome!  Love it!! And bonus, that is an Ikea bed, so cost effective too!  Great choice kid!!  But upon further investigation the Kura Reversible Bed had a few issues…

1 // The nook area below would only be about 3′ tall.  Too short for my 99th percentile in height seven year old to hang out in for very long.
2 // The space where the mattress sits into fits a twin size mattress (great! we already have one!) but the height of her mattress would be the same height as the rails.  Not leaving any type of barrier from keeping her from rolling out 3′ off of the floor.
3 // I totally see that wood piece along the floor as being a trip hazard for her or us! ha

I shared this idea with her as we liked the idea of having a lounge area below…

She wasn’t sold.  Lol.

So rather than scrapping the idea entirely, I decided I would build a custom one instead. And incorporate the two inspirations together.  But yes, I realize I am that crazy person who builds her own Ikea furniture! lol  Fortunately I am not that crazy because I came across this tutorial that gave me all of the directions to build the original bed.  I took these plans and modified them to make the bed almost 2′ taller.

So while I was doing the sketches and the math to recreate the bed, I stopped to ask her what kind of fabric, colors, patterns she was thinking of.  Knowing good and well she would have an answer.  Her response… “I want that bed I showed you.”

I replied with a quick response of “yes, we are going to make the bed, but we can change the fabrics and colors to whatever you want!”

She replied.

“I want that!”  and pointed to the picture again.

Ikea Loft Bed

Now normally at this point I can steer my clients into creating a similar feel but with our own take.  But I know my daughter’s stubborn streak.  She may or may not have gotten it from me… so I am going against all of my original ideas and we are recreating the bed, exactly.  So Molly Guy, thumbs up on inspiring my child, I hope you find our recreation flattering.

Here are a few items we already have or I have ordered for the space //

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

She doesn’t know it yet, but we will be making a few changes mostly to reuse items we already have.  Along with the loft bed I have to create a desk space because crafts and homework are necessities.  I also have to get creative once again, because this room lacks a closet as well.  I am thinking of something along these lines…  maybe in lucite?!  I have four 8′ lucite rods I picked up for $20 a piece screaming at me to be used from our attic.

Garment Rack, Brass, Moulding

xo – Kristin