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I hope you all had fun watching the eclipse yesterday!!  It was a little cloudy here, but we were still able to see it and celebrate the event with friends (& cocktails!).

With the loft bed built in C’s room we painted over the black walls (insert tear here) and added some panel moulding.  I wanted to share that you ever need to paint over a dark color with a light one, I highly recommend Kilz High Hide!!  It was like magic.  One coat of primer and two coats of paint.  And I really could have gotten away with one coat of each!

Another trick I wanted to share was how I attached fabric as wallpaper to the loft bed.  Initially, I was going to wrap a piece of board with the fabric but I later decided to try wallpapering the fabric instead.  This application has been around for years, but is something I haven’t tried before.

Designers Guild Malmaison Fabric
I tried two different methods //

1 // DIY fabric starch with Corn Starch and water.  Fail.  I was impressed at first.  It looked great.  However, it bubbled as it dried.  Like big bubbles.  I panicked for a minute that I had ruined the fabric, but as it was just corn starch and water I simply rinsed the fabric out.  And having previous experience with Designers Guild fabrics, I knew it would wash well.

2 // Real liquid fabric starch (easily found at your local market and comes in a bottle similar to bleach).  I poured the liquid starch into a paint tray and painted the starch over the fabric onto the wood.  The key to this technique is making sure the fabric is saturated.  Immediately I could tell that this was going to be successful.  The fabric stuck almost immediately and dried without a single bubble!  I used a straight edge and a sharp blade to cut off the excess fabric.

How to wallpaper with fabric using fabric starch.
The great thing about this technique is that it worked perfectly for my needs, but would it also works on walls too.  So if you are wanting the look of wallpaper without the commitment I would highly recommend this technique.  Once you are tired of the look, you simply wet the fabric again and it peels off.

So let us look at the room checklist…

Paint Room | Check
Add Moulding | Check
Build Bed | Check
Create Closet | Almost there
Create Desk | So close

Another week and I think I will be done!

xo – Kristin