Floor plans, Paint swatches, new build, addition

I am slightly terrified to put this out into the real world that is the internet, but we have some news.  Something that my husband and I have been discussing for years now!  We are working on building an addition onto our house.  Currently we are in the super early phases.  We have had our land surveyed and now the architect is working on our new plans.  You cannot understand the excitement I felt upon hearing that the architect was drawing out plans!!  As this is something that has been discussed for so long, actually seeing something drawn out makes it all that much more tangible.  Even though I will not believe any of this is really happening until demo actually begins.

Why add on?!  Well, we have considered moving.  I have stalked Zillow for about two years now.  But we always circle back to our growing city and we want to be a part of it’s amazing growth right now.  And if we moved somewhere close to us, we would basically be starting over with something of a similar scale or a little larger.  We have the land, we love our existing home, we would just love it that much more a little larger.

Here are the specifics we know so far… Basically none of our existing interior space will be altered.  We are planning on adding on a laundry room/mudroom to get the stacking washer and dryer out of our dining room closet.  A Master Suite, including a Bedroom, a real closet (what?!!) and a Master Bathroom (WHAT?!?!!) are also in the plan.  Now having lived in an older home for ten years, we have made our lack of closets and one small bathroom work, but the idea of having more than 24″ of closet hanging space and a second bathroom are literally mind blowing!

The unfortunate news is that we will be losing our top deck (the one with the astroturf).  I know.  But, I would gladly trade that for the thought of adding on.  Fortunately, we already have our lower deck and depending on the final plan, may add a smaller deck off of the back as well.

All of this has been another reason that we are in the process of swapping out our daughter’s room (again!).  Creating the addition will allow our dining room to become the central location of our house and the entrance into the new spaces.  And our current “master”, and I say it in quotes because it is just a room not a real Master, will become our guest room/office.

Now again, we still have a lot of hurdles to jump through; financing, permitting, real life, etc… but at least we are actually headed in a real direction after years of dreaming.  I’ll be starting a Dream Home post each week sharing ideas that I have come across that I would either love to include or am just head over heels for and could only dream of including!  I am also hopeful that including you all in on our entire process, I may be able to help some of you looking to make the same decision for your own home along the way.

xo – Kristin