Thanks for all of the comments yesterday about the Guest Room Makeover at #ProjectFamJam.  It was tough to bring it all together so fast, and under $1000.  When I got the budget, my original thought was going to be tight.  So I decided to hunt for the best deals possible to still leave the space looking expensive and layered.

kilim pillow // tassel duvet // art // sconce // cord cover

lamp (similar) // top art (similar) // area rug // brass knobs (similar) // wood beads (similar)

sputnik flush mount  // art // sconce

ceiling rods // corner rods // ceiling mounts // drapery panels // tassel duvet

When looking for the best deals possible, I tend to turn to a few special places.

First, we are blessed to have a Ballard Designs Outlet here… I got the Queen Tassel Duvet & two Fringed Pillow Shams for a total of $57.54.  Total score.  The Duvet is on sale online, just not at that deep of a discount.  The blessings/curse of outlets is you never know what will be there.  So my goal when walking into a store like this is to have a completely open mind.  I didn’t go in looking for bedding, but once I saw it I knew I could not beat the look or the price anywhere else!  So be sure to look around your town to see if you have any major brand outlets near you.

I also will hit up eBay.  You do have to be cautious here… items can be overpriced here!  But if you are willing to dig a bit, major deals can be found.  I shared this eBay store a few months back… They sell slightly damaged Safavieh rugs.  They clearly state what the defect is, and show you an image of the area in question.  I knew I needed an 8×10 rug, but didn’t necessarily have the budget for one.  After hunting through the listings from this store, I found the Chunky Textured Natural Fiber Rug for the space for only $125 with Free Shipping.  The defect was a small pull in the carpet right in the middle.  This wasn’t an issue because I knew the bed would be sitting right on top of the snag and no one would ever see it.  Done.  Saved about $300.  I also scooped up the teal shams here as well.  They are a discontinued DwellStudio pattern called Mali… So maybe keep an eye out if you are interested.

I also purchased all of the brass cabinet knobs for their repainted dresser from eBay.  Knobs can add up quick!  And all of a sudden a little refresh turns into an investment.  I like to look for vintage hardware in lots on Ebay first.  I will search “brass cabinet knob lot” & filter through the results.  I stumbled upon a listing for 25 of these awesome knobs for $29.  This made each of the knobs about $0.89!  One of my favorite scores & bonus, I have 10 leftover to use on a future project.

My last tip is online shopping.  Sites like Target, World Market,  West Elm… they always have specials running.  And while I do follow them closer than most, I waited out a few of the pieces & grabbed great deals.  The nightstands ended up being 40% off one weekend.  Done.  The sconces, 30% off another week.  And usually these sites will offer Free Shipping too, or I’ll have them shipped to store to pick up for free to save even more.  When I am on a tight budget, it is worth my time to run up & grab a piece or two.

We also reused a lot of their own pieces, accessories.  Important when on a budget.

Our one splurge for the space was the Kilim Pillow.  It came from Turkey in record time, and was about $100 including shipping (and yes! $100 was the splurge!!).  But this was a piece that really pulled the colors of the space together & at 16×48″ long, it would have taken two square pillows to fill this space.  Probably resulting in a similar price tag.

So when working with a budget, don’t feel limited.  The budget just makes you think & shop smarter.

xo – Kristin