I have been on a thrifting/antiquing slump for a while.  My favorite spots have been filled with duds for the past few months and I have been completely uninspired.  But being the avid design hunter I am, I did not let the lack of diamonds in the rough deter my trips.  I continued to visit my go to shops every few weeks and bam!!! My persistence has paid off!!  My mom was in town this past weekend, and she enjoys a hunt as much as I do, so we went out on a little excursion and happened upon this burled beauty at my local Goodwill.

A big hunk of burled wood veneer just screaming to come home with me.  I did my typical hover and pace around the piece for a good fifteen minutes routine basically marking my territory while I decide what my gut has already told me to do.  All the while onlookers are looking at me like you want that?!  And I want to say to them “yes!!!! If you only knew what this cube could be!!!”  My only concern was the tag was gone!! Thrift store etiquette states if you want to buy a piece that is to big to carry, you take the tag and it is then yours.  Had someone else taken the tag?!  I grabbed the closest employee I could find and asked about the table.  Luckily, it had just been placed on the floor and the tag had not been brought out yet.  He said “it is $200″, I knew he was kidding… but honestly that would have paid that as I have seen similar pieces on other sites for much more.  So when he came back with the tag for $35 I ran to the checkout counter.

The only issue with our new table is it is a little too high… so after confirming with my husband, we will be cutting off about 6” from the bottom of our cube.  And that is going to have to require the rain to stop outside.  Who knows when that will happen?!  It has been a very wet summer so far.

Here are a few images showing how similar pieces have been styled in other interiors.

Moda Operandi’s NY Headquarters

Shavonda Gardner

Kimberly Chau

I am mostly excited about having a solid coffee table that multiple pairs of shoes, toys, napkins will not be getting shoved under! Or cleaning the mirror and glass of our current table roughly 987 times a day. Lol.  Real life design problems…

What scores have you found lately?!!

xo – Kristin