This is not my typical decor related post, but my life is revolving around the pool right now with school ending today and swim team quickly taking over our day to day.  So I figured I would share a few pool related items to help you look chic on your days in the sun too.

First things first… I am not a fashion blogger, nor do I play one on tv, but I know how hard it is to find a good swimsuit.  With that being said, I just ordered this one shoulder ruffle number and I absolutely love it.  That is something I do not say about swimsuits… Ever.  It is comfortable, stays in place (super important), fits my long torso comfortably and is true to size.  Insert hands in the air emoji here.

I am also obsessed with my Souer Du Maroc bag.  Mine has leather fringe, but I am eyeing these pom pom versions as well.  They are so much fun (and come in a few colors!)  They are large enough to carry everything.  A few towels, snacks, a change of clothes, etc.  And speaking of towels, my daughter is so excited to finally use her huge donut towel.  It is a great size for getting her dried off after practicing her backstroke but also works well to lay out on the pool deck (or beach!) to sit down and have a snack or play a game with a few friends.

umbrella // swimsuit (black or pink) // striped towel // pom pom bag // iridescent solo cup // donut towel

Are you guys as ready for Summer as I am?!

One more very important thing!!!  Voting is now open for the FrogTape Paintover Challenge, if my space wins, Dwell with Dignity will receive $5000 to continue providing loving homes for the well deserving.  I sure would appreciate your vote!  To enter, click here.

xo – Kristin