I am finally sharing with you all my project for the next few weeks (I know you all will love it too, because it is over at #ProjectFamJam!)  Just to recap, we have completed the kitchenliving roomdining room and guest bath.

Collage of ProjectFamJam Spaces. Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room and Guest Bathroom.
What’s next? The Guest Room!  And it is not just a regular makeover, this is a challenge.  A few of my favorite home decor bloggers and myself are going to be participating in the FrogTape Paint Over Challenge and here is a little breakdown of the rules for our spaces:

// Each of us is given a hot trend for 2017.  These trends were chosen by one of my favorite people, Taniya Nayak.  (I was fortunate enough to meet her and both learned that we eat cupcakes the same way the right way, back at an event years ago.)

// We will utilize FrogTape to complete our space and emphasize our trend.

// We have $1000 to use as we see fit to complete our space.

Now I know you all are wondering what trend I will be tackling… Well I received Inter-Woven // Rich textures and bold pops of color are all the rage with this indie meets mid-century modern appeal. Introducing texture can add character to a space especially when it pops with a burst of deep richly dyed tones.

ummm check!  The description fits perfectly with the vibe we already have going on over at #ProjectFamJam and deciding to address the Guest Room allows us to be even a little more adventurous with the design.  If you are fortunate enough to have a Guest Room, why not have a little more fun.  You aren’t in there the majority of the time, so it is the perfect place to go a little bolder!

Here is the existing space which appears a lot like most guest rooms I see… the leftover room.  You know, where all of your leftover items go to live.

Before image of Guest Room at ProjectFamJam by Hunted Interior

Before image of Closet Doors at ProjectFamJam by Hunted Interior
What we are keeping: the Queen bed frame, mattress and boxspring, the geometric gold lamp (discontinued from Target) and the dresser you see at the bottom left hand of the top image.  Everything else will be finding new homes elsewhere.  I am also rethinking the rooms layout, so look out for some changes there too.

In terms of the design plan, I was inspired by a piece of artwork.  Much like every other space in their house.

A Certain Kind of Magic by Loui Jover Art
With a love of black and white portrait photographs, they already have a giant Sitting Bull, a behind the scenes shot of Marc Jacobs and Roger Moore is chilling in the guest bath… So when I came across this piece, I loved the idea that it was still the same vein of artwork they have already collected, but with a giant burst of color that we could pull from to really make this room pop.  Here is a little mood board full of all of the vibes we are going for in this space.

Mood Board for Guest Room at ProjectFamJam by Hunted Interior
Our “needs” list will be a lot to accomplish with our $1000 budget, so hopefully we will be able to pull it off.  Obviously we need the perfect saturated hue to paint the walls, I’m thinking something deep and rich.  A creative way to address the bed, we had just ordered them a canopy bed before the challenge began, but after weeks of waiting, we learned the bed went on backorder and will not be arriving as planned.  Lighting is such an important factor throughout the rest of the home, so continuing that is a must.  And some killer nightstands… I have a few initial thoughts, but they will all depend on the bed we choose.

Be sure to check in as we all complete our spaces.  And check in with FrogTape to get the latest details!

Also, here are the other Blogs participating!  I am dying to follow along to see what else everyone comes up with to accomplish their designated theme & how they incorporate FrogTape into their design.

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xo – Kristin

**This is a sponsored post by Frogtape.  All images and opinions are those of Hunted Interior.