Happy Sunday!  I have a few random steals for you all this weekend, but I think that they are worth sharing.  I am currently working on designing a project that I can’t share any details for yet, but I had to share this source!  It is an eBay shop that sells slightly defective Safavieh rugs at huge savings.  The project I am working on has a tighter budget and I was looking for a way to save while not sacrificing on the look we wanted.  Now when I say slightly damaged, some of them are barely noticeable.  Plus, if you know where the rug is going & what your furniture layout will be, the defect may be able to be hidden making these the perfect costs saving solution.  For example, the rug I ordered had a slight pull, but the location will end up being located under a bed (hint hint at the project, lol).

Their inventory changes constantly, so you have to be willing to hunt.  And you have to pay close attention to what the defect is, but there are definitely some deals to find.  They even have a few size options of the gray rug I used over at #ProjectFamJam for the last One Room Challenge.

Another great deal I found is not home related, but rather an amazing deal on eyeglasses.  Backstory, I have worn glasses since the third grade & have a very strong prescription.  This usually leaves me having thicker lenses & steep costs for a new pair.  I have tried a lot of the online sites, especially the ones you can try on at home, but the frames just haven’t suited my face.  Luckily, this week I came across a new to me site, Classic Specs.  Now I will preface this with the fact that this is in no way sponsored!  I am just blown away by the results.  First of all, they have attractive and stylish frame options in every shade, shape and color.  They have a system that allows you to try on the frames virtually, which really helped in the selection process.  Once I found the pair I liked, I started my order. Now this is the time that the “Guaranteed Low Price” stated on the other websites jumps from a low price to $$$, but I was shocked that my total cost, including shipping landed at only $139 with hi index prescription lenses.  Y’all… that is a third of what I normally pay.  I quickly submitted my order.  Now if that wasn’t good enough, here was the best part… I ordered them on Monday afternoon.  They arrived yesterday and I am in love!  They fit beautifully, the prescription is perfect & my thick lenses are the thinnest they have ever been.  These are the frames that I got… The Ashford in Tokyo Tortoise.  (A more neutral and less orange/yellow tortoise.)

I hope you all have had a great weekend!  xo – Kristin