There are so many benefits from working from home, and I feel so blessed that I have been able to create my own job in order to be here for my family.  The only negative for me is that when my family is home, I want to spend my time with them.  Normally, I schedule my days to work while the kids are in school.  My husband (who does not work the typical 9-5 schedule either) is typically at work during school hours leaving me time to focus.  The past seven months, he was at a new job which led to him not being home a great majority of the time.  He missed dinner, bedtime with our daughter, etc… But as of about three weeks ago he now has a new position and his schedule is much more flexible.  This has been amazing for our family and selfishly, I have been spending as much time with him as possible.  But now I have to get back to the real world and back to work regardless of schedules.  Does anyone else working from home find it hard to “work” when your family is home?

Now to be honest, I have been working behind the scenes on some upcoming projects, but have neglected the computer.  Hence the dust I had to remove from my keyboard and camera this morning!  I have a few more rooms to reveal over at #ProjectFamJam such as their Master Bath (which was a bedroom before we got to it.) as well as their Guestroom.  I have also been hard at work over at #ProjectBlueandWhite and will be sharing lots of new spaces from their recent addition.  We are also in the very early stages of a large project at our own home that I hope to start sharing soon, this is a project I do not want to jinx however so for now, mum is the word!  So even though it has been radio silence over here, rest assured lots of new material is headed your way!

I did want to share a few changes that have happened in my “office” aka the end of the living room.  The main change has been my desk chair.  Remember my last desk chair?  The large chair I reupholstered and added casters too?!  Well, the leg unexpectedly broke off one day before our Better Homes and Gardens shoot!  I feel that between my husband and myself, we are both fairly handy.  Neither one of us could repair the dang leg!!!!  Frustrated to no end, I shoved the broken leg in place and warned everyone to not sit in it during the photoshoot! lol  As soon as the shoot was completed, I quickly began my search for a replacement.

I have had my eye on this DwellStudio chair ever since it was released.  And as it was around Christmas, I quickly added it to my list.  Fortunately, Santa heard my request and it arrived a few days before the 25th.  I am over the moon in love with this chair.  Not only is it comfortable, but it is also remarkably sturdy which was a concern with its airy cantilevered frame.  It fits perfectly with my acrylic console turned desk and will be a piece I can incorporate into any space down the road.  A very important criteria for myself when purchasing furniture.  I want it to be something multi functional.  My home, being smaller, is in constant flux and needs to perform so many functions.  Having a non specific “desk chair” for example saves me from being stuck if/when the space changes.

I have also moved my brass trunk next to my desk for additional storage of paper work and samples that I access every once in a while.  And here is a fun fact I just learned!!!  I love having greenery, flowers, something living in my home at all times.  That can get a little pricey… I love Spring as I can go out and take clippings from my yard.  Three weeks ago, I took some clippings from our Camellia plant.  Much to my surprise, when kept in water this thing keeps growing!  And how good is that planter?!  #ProjectFamJam aka the cousins were kind enough to get this for me as a gift last year.

If I ever get my dining room back, I may be tempted to incorporate these chairs into the space… I can just visualize it now!  But for now, I will simply enjoy it as my personal chair & glance over at it’s beauty when I walk through my living room.  Btw, my “I AM THE BOSS” name plate was a Christmas gift as well.  I haven’t been able to find the exact one, but this one is close if you are interested.