Happy Sunday!!  Even though it is February, this unseasonably warm weather has all of us outside earlier than usual.  This has me scheming about whats next for our exterior plans.  One thing our lower patio has been lacking is light.  We had run Christmas string lights around our tree trunks for a few parties, but they can’t stay like that for long periods of time in fear of strangling the trees.  So I have been on the hunt for a good deal on the commercial grade vintage drop lights.  Depending on the source, these lights can be pricey! Especially if you are needing a few boxes.  So we were pleased to find them at Costco this week for $49.99 for the 48′ length & quickly scooped up a couple boxes!

I also found a few other crazy good deals this week, unfortunately they are not available online… but they are too good not to share, so hopefully you might be able to find them where you live as well!  First, at Hobby Lobby I found gorgeous blush velvet 20×20 down filled throw pillows for only $29.99, but of course they were on sale for 50% off, so I grabbed two for $29.99.  These would easily go for upwards of $85+ from other retailers.  And even if I decide the blush color doesn’t work, I couldn’t get down inserts for that much so they were totally worth it!

And my best score of the week was found at our local Ballard Designs Outlet.  Now I will apologize in advance if you do not live in Atlanta, because this deal was good.  Through the 20th the outlet has 40% off of everything in the store (50% off if you got the flyer in the mail!) that sale was exciting enough right?! No.  The best part was all curtain rods were marked $19.99.  No matter the style or length… No, this gets better!  They had a stack of 8′ long lucite rods tucked in the corner & they were marked $84.  Now $84 is still a bargain as the source I usually get mine from they run about $125.  But when the sales clerk told me they were included in the sale at $19.99 I grabbed four of them!!! It was one of those moments where you pay for something & then you walk out of the store & get to your car as fast as you can because you feel like you may have gotten away with something you weren’t supposed to!   Currently they are wrapped up & living in my attic, but I have plans for those four lucite rods.

Now time for a few sales you can scoop up this President’s Day weekend:

sputnik chandelier // suzani pillow // needlepoint pillow // lucite table // velvet headboard