Cabinet Knobs and Pulls…. Today I am going to break down the good, the bad & the ugly on cabinet hardware.  Plus I will be sharing all of my favorite sources for practical to fabulous knobs.  So this will be your cheat sheet of sorts on where to save or splurge or choose form over function.

Tip 1 // Choose Quality, especially in a high functioning area.

Like most of you out there, I have picked up the multi pack of knobs because they were the most economical.  Now granted, I tried to choose the “fanciest” of the economical option.  As I am sure you did as well.  Unfortunately, whenever I have made these decisions I am stuck replacing defective knobs six months later.  Either the finish rubs off, or even more frustrating… the knob breaks.  So I do recommend investing in a quality knob or pull up front.  You will save money in the long run by not having to reinvest in new knobs every year or so.

I find this to be most true in high use spaces: kitchens, bathrooms, dressers… especially dressers in kid’s rooms or for those of you with tough husbands.  For these areas I look for a solid body, meaning one solid knob or pull with the only other part being the screw that attaches them to the drawer or cabinet.  Nothing that can potentially come apart into multiple pieces or parts.  This will automatically extend the chances of longevity for your pulls.

For example, we used these knobs & these pulls in #ProjectFamJam’s kitchen last year.

Tip 2 // Go ahead, get fancy.

There are some absolutely beautiful knobs out there.  Special decorative pieces that can stand alone and almost become a piece of art.  For these knobs, I recommend using them in places that don’t see much physical action, but look good just being there.  For example, I used these gorgeous quartz knobs in our living room.  This is a removable panel that hides all of our tv components.  Because we have installed some inferred cables for our equipment, we no longer need to access this space for our components anymore.  This gets opened maybe once every few months, but is right in the middle of the living room.  So this was the perfect opportunity to showcase some killer knobs.

Consoles, Nightstands, Guest Room Dressers… these are all great locations to have some fun with a more decorative knob as they receive less use.

Tip 3 // You can always change the hardware.

Just because you bought a piece of furniture, does not mean you are stuck with the knobs/pulls that came with it.  Often times, a quick swap can completely transform a piece.  And they aren’t permanent!  So go ahead and experiment with the looks you can achieve.

Tip 4 //  It is all about options!

A lot of stores have stepped up their hardware in a big way.  So it is easier than ever to find the exact look you are going for.  So when I ordering knobs or pulls online, I order one of each that I am interested in.  It is all about options!!  This allows me to inspect the quality and scale in person before investing in 20 knobs upfront and not being thrilled.  Most stores have great return policies, so I just ship the knobs I don’t want back and order the winner, having full confidence in my purchase.

Here are a few of my go to online retailers for knobs and pulls.

CB2 // Decorative and functional.  Their new collection of hardware is on point and right on trend.

Anthropologie // Mostly decorative, but they always have great options.

World Market // Again, mostly decorative than your standard workhorse, but you can get the Anthro look for less here.

Hobby Lobby // Another great source for the Anthro look for less, especially if you use that 40% off coupon.

Rejuvenation // Quality pulls and knobs that are built to last.  Plus all in stock items are 25% off through this weekend!!

Wayfair // Great for those who know what they want or aren’t overwhelmed easily.  There can be tons of options, so depending on personality this could be a pro or a con.  I personally love it.

Also, some brands that seem to be reliable and are often sold at some of the larger stores are Atlas, Liberty Hardware, Rocky Mountain Hardware and Colonial Bronze Co.

Where do you like to go for Hardware?!  I always love finding new sources, so let me know your go to!

xo – K

Image Sources // Starburst Pull via Pulp Home // Round Brass Knob via Kohler // Small Green Knob is Vintage // All others were found at Hobby Lobby