There are so many details about this One Room Challenge space that I am adding in a few extra posts over the next few days to help get all of it in before next weeks reveal.  I shared last week a sneak peek of the roman shades we installed from The Shade Store and I wanted to talk about the custom process they provide.

We have four windows in this space, and as a reference again here is the before.

Priority one after construction was window treatments!  The house sits on a main road and you can look right into the space from the street.  We discussed drapery panels, but decided that Roman Shades would better suit the needs of my clients better on this side of the house.  But the issue we ran into was that these are the original windows and they are non standard sizes.  Enter in The Shade Store and their countless custom options.
We knew going in that we wanted a simple white Flat Roman Shade with a black border to reinforce the newly painted windows.  (They look so good black!)  And since these were a fairly simple custom order, as far as window coverings go, I took the measurement process into my own hands.  But don’t worry!  If you don’t feel comfortable taking the measurements, The Shade Store will send someone out to measure everything for you to ensure the final product is a perfect fit.

After measuring the inside of the frames for an Inside Mount install (that is literally where the shade goes inside of the window frame) I hopped on their website to order.


FYI, we ordered the flowing:
The great thing about ordering custom is you can label each treatment and specify which type of cording you would like & it’s placement.  For example, I labeled them like this:
Left Short Window with Left Handed Cord

Right Short Window with Right Handed Cord
And when they arrive, they are each designated with that label, making install pretty fool proof.
Again, I have installed numerous shades before and felt quite comfortable with the process.  It was literally two predrilled holes and two screws per shade… but they do offer install services as well!
I followed the simple instructions & had all four shades up in about 20 minutes.  Boom.

They all look so good in the space & were a perfect fit.  So if you are in the market for some custom shades, drapery panels, etc… be sure to check out The Shade Store.  And btw, they have some amazing fabric options including my new favorite line of Kate Spade fabrics.  I would love to see some of those options in another space!
xo- K
Thank You to The Shade Store for being a One Room Challenge Sponsor.