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Popping in for an unexpected evening post thanks to the generous invitation to participate in A Night In, a new blog series hosted by Chris Loves Julia & Yellow Brick Home.  They have asked a few of us this evening to take a look into our own home at night… a rare occurrence here in blogland where let’s face it, pretty pictures happen during the day.  But this evening, I am bringing you all into our kitchen & sharing a pretty typical evening (if the husband is home!).

In the early evening hours, our nook is typically filled with 1st grade homework, sight words to study & if I’m being honest a wine glass for me.

After homework is completed, our little lady likes to stay here & color while my husband & I work on dinner.

I love how all of the different surfaces and artwork in the kitchen sparkle at night when all of the lights are on.  And the warmth that comes into the kitchen as well.  While a small space, we all tend to congregate here regularly.

Now that there is finally a slight chill in the air, even though it is still unseasonably warm in Atlanta, we are excited to start having some of our favorite comfort foods again.  Some foods just scream Fall & my husbands Brasied Short Ribs are no exception.  While I don’t usually share recipes, it just felt natural to share these tonight.

Using our Cobalt Blue Anolon Cast Iron skillet and Brasier for the first time this season, the entire street smelled good!  I drove up after running an errand & was welcomed by the smell of deliciousness.  The beauty of open back doors & cool Fall nights… Free smells at the Jackson house.
A quick rundown of the Short Ribs is to start off with a hot cast iron skillet or pot.  Then add vegetable oil, or you can be like us and use bacon fat… because why not.  Once melted, sear the Short Ribs on each side until brown & then place in the braising pot.
Then add some roughly chopped onions (we used four vidalias), an entire head of garlic to the pot & then four cups of beef stock.  Place it all in a 350 degree oven & cook for about two and a half hours.
We serve ours of my famous mozzarella grits & green beans with parmesan.
So while we enjoy dinner this evening, I hope that you and your family are doing the same.  And thanks again to Chris Loves Julia & Yellow Brick Home for asking me to join along tonight!
Be sure to check out the other participants and take a look into their kitchens this evening as well!
xo – Kristin