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When first discussing paint colors for #ProjectFamJam, the initial client’s desire were white walls and black windows throughout.  I agreed that for the newly opened floorplan, that the same paint throughout would help to make the space feel more cohesive.  But when it came one space in particular I felt I had to convince them to change their minds.  I often think that if you want to ever experiment with color, that a powder room or guest bathroom is a great opportunity for change.  So I proposed the plan above for the guest bath.
Moving in, the original bath was something that I am sure someone loved, once upon a time.  However, the new owners did not, so the space was completely renovated.
I think that the original pink tile with powder blue paint initially scared my clients from color and they thought a swath of white paint would instantly erase this image, which it would have.  But after some persuasion and a promise that if they did not love the color I selected, I would personally go in and paint the space white they agreed to classic tile and Thyme Green (16-19) walls (a new favorite color of mine by Pratt & Lambert).  And in the end, everyone is glad they did!
Gone are the cotton candy hues, and now rather a sophisticated green covers every inch of the  walls and trim.  Keeping the paint color the same in a smaller space allows the space to appear larger as it is not broken up visually.

We used Pratt & Lambert’s Accolade
Interior Premium Paint & Primer
in velvet for the walls. This paint is
both stain and scrub resistant and is formulated to go on smoothly with just
one coat making it perfect to cover up those powder blue walls.
It is formulated to provide a rich, luxurious finish and looks perfect with the
black and white tiles.

Going with a more saturated wall color and wanting to maintain the original request of black and white, we kept the tile selections classic with a simple white ceramic hex mosaic on the floor and a beveled subway tile in the shower.  Both are accented by charcoal grout to give them a little more presence.
The gold tones of the modern fixtures really plays off the green well and added a layer of luxury to the space.  I even continued the gold into the shower curtain by using a ceiling track system adorned with an antiqued brass ball chain.  This unexpected treatment gave the simple linen curtain a little edge.  For the full details on the shower curtain click here.
Originally a vanity was desired, but we decided upon a classic pedestal sink with a recessed medicine cabinet above for storage.  This again gave the illusion of a larger space.  Utilizing a small mango wood table for towel storage brings in both warmth and function to the room.
And as I have said before, lighting in this home has been a special project all on it’s own.  Each fixture is so unique.  I loved that the one we landed on in the bathroom isn’t your standard vanity sconce.  It is a little industrial and a little glam… both elements my clients are drawn to.
Another favorite of my client’s is black and white portrait photography.  I love their collection (and have more to show you in future spaces!).  When discussing art for this space, I thought that Roger Moore enjoying a few vices was a fun little conversation starter.  And I love once we got him up on the wall he appears to be taking a peek out the window, or maybe he is eyeing that custom roman shade from Tonic Living?!!!
I love that I selected the fabric and knew immediately there would be a yes at the end of my proposal.  There are just certain patterns that are made for certain people. And this was a match made in flocked flamingo heaven.
The fact that this space is separate from the rest of the home, lends itself to being treated as a separate space.  The use of the Pratt & Lambert Thyme Green really set this room apart, where the finishes selected to compliment the space help to tie it in to the rest of the home.
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