Surprise!!!  It is One Room Challenge time again!!  Last time, for those who may be new around here, I helped my client’s recreate their bedroom in dreamy blues.  And while those clients lean a little more traditional, this round will be a little bohemian and a little glam.

I will be working on a space that you all are very familiar with by now, #ProjectFamJam! Here is a little recap of what we have accomplished over there so far & what we are planning on doing next.

We have already completed the Kitchen & Dining Room at this point.

and here is the current floorplan…

But as you can tell from the floorplan above, these two spaces open up to the living room, so this will be the space I will be tackling over the next six weeks!

Here was a before shot when the house was purchased.

And this was mid construction, so fortunately this part is done!  Don’t you just love that fireplace?!

While we do have a West Elm Sectional on order, currently, this is the total amount of furniture sitting on this side of the space.  Needless to say, it is nowhere close to complete.
One challenge during construction was that we had to drop the ceiling in this area due to some structural issues.  (for reference, the kitchen is directly open to the right of this image) So one of the projects during the ORC I will be addressing is this ceiling change in order to give this space a little more purpose.  But I am very happy with the little sitting area we have started!  This metal tulip base table & these half moon ottomans from World Market paired with this knockout trumpet chandelier from Lucent Light Shop already have my mind stirring with ideas for a backdrop.
And while there will be lots of black, white and blue… we are looking to warm up the space a bit with some texture, pattern and color.  And fortunately, after completing their guest bath in that yummy green, they are starting to embrace a little more color.

As a reminder, during the One Room Challenge, I will completely design, build and style this space over the duration of six weeks.  So every Wednesday be sure to pop back over to see how far I have (or haven’t!) gotten.

And don’t forget to check out the other participants spaces as well!!