In One Room Challenges past, I have been pretty cool calm and collected about my space.  Lets just say that is not the case this go around!  There is a lot of real life happening around us at the same time & I am just trying to keep my kids fed at this point! lol

For those of you that have been following along awhile will know that my father has had some health issues the past year.  Well, after a lot of planning and searching these past few months we have rented him a home 5 doors down from us!!!  It will be such a blessing to have him so close, but we are moving him (& his 150 bottles of bourbon) at the same time I am trying to finalize my ORC space.  So if I seem a bit scrambled this go around, this is why.

So in the meantime, I am tracking packages, unwrapping furniture & stuffing tons of pillows with down inserts!  We have both rugs down & the sectional is finally getting delivered today (after being lost in the freight warehouse for two weeks!)  Plus, we made a trip to a new local spot, Read Shop (see image above) & have all been inspired to incorporate a few more elements into the room.  Which leaves me simultaneously excited & terrified.  But the whole vibe in there is on point!

So for now, here are a few more items that have been finalized for the living room.

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