I cannot believe I am saying this, but the Holidays are rapidly approaching! Don’t worry, I am not sharing any Christmas Tree ideas (yet) but I am sharing a tip for the upcoming entertaining season.

Around this time, every year, clients and readers alike tend to get paranoid excited about redoing their Living Room or Dining Room in order to have a fresh space to share when hosting parties.  My personal opinion as a Designer and also as a real life person is don’t cause added stress redecorating your entire room now!!  There are so many other things happening in the next few months that you don’t need to worry about replacing everything.  But for those that do want a new feel, there is one thing (okay, maybe two) you can change that can impact the entire space instantly.  A new area rug.
This is our Living Room with our existing pink rug…


And this is our Living Room with a new rug from Layered.
By changing out our bold traditional rug for a graphic geometric in a completely different color way, the room takes on a completely different feel.  The only other change I really made was switching out a few pillows, but those are simply pulled and swapped from other areas of the house.

So by changing one major piece, your entire room is refreshed and ready to celebrate the season in style.

And if you are loving the new graphic rug, be sure to check out the variety newly available from Layered.  They are a Swedish company that has recently opened their product line to the worldwide market.  The rugs arrive quickly (with free shipping) so no need to worry about international charges.
And as a cheat sheet here are a few of their sizes offered converted to feet.
140 cm x 200 cm = 4.5 ft x 6.5 ft
180 cm x 270 cm = 5.9 ft x 8.8 ft
250 cm x 350 cm = 8.2 ft x 11.4 ft
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xo – Kristin