Back to work after helping my dad through some surgery and recovery the past few weeks and I am so appreciative of you all for sticking around.  And I am so glad you did, because it is kitchen reveal day for #ProjectFamJam.  Just to fill you in if you are new around here, our cousins bought a time capsule of a 60’s ranch earlier this year.  And we have been full steam ahead on transforming this panelling filled home into something a little more modern.

Just as a refresher, here was the original kitchen we were working with… and yes, those mushroom boards were screwed into the cabinets.  Lets just say the only thing that remained after demo was the window.
And here is the after!!
They decided to open up the entire living/kitchen area taking down every wall and removing the attic space to create a pitched ceiling.  Knowing that the space would be so exposed, we wanted to focus on the kitchen first as it would lead the design for the rest of the space.  Their list of wants were as follows:

A herringbone backsplash (like the one I had installed in our own kitchen last year)
A pantry area
A farmhouse sink
Some open shelving… not the majority
Marble Countertops
White, black and brass accents.

We went to Strathmore to select their cabinets.  And fortunately we have a brand new showroom here at ADAC, the Atlanta Design Center.  While they were still installing the showroom, we walked in and both immediately fell hard for a gorgeous navy cabinet finish.  Which was not originally on our radar at all!  Of course, this was a premium finish… so this kept us from completing the entire kitchen in this, but by finishing the island in this blue and keeping the shaker style consistent throughout we were able to get the look we wanted at a better price.

I tweaked the original kitchen plan that consisted of traditional uppers and lowers to accommodate our cousins list of wants.  I just knew that they would not have been as happy in the end with just a traditional layout.  I added in a mix of uppers, a small section of open shelving for display and then created a non traditional “pantry” at the end of the kitchen with a full bank of cabinets that ran to the counter.  By taking the cabinets all the way to the counter, we were able to add in some drawers for snack storage and uppers for dry goods.  We were still able to retain some counter space on this section as well.

Lighting in this home is one of my favorite elements.  Each fixture is as special as the next.  The large 18″ Butte Dome Pendants from Rejuvenation were the perfect addition to the island.  They are large and in charge, but don’t overwhelm the space.  And the black and white cord detail adds another layer of texture and pattern into the space.  It is all in the details.  Having the pitched ceiling we had to go with a corded pendant so it would hang straight in the space.  So finding pendant with such a design oriented cord was great!

Having the wall of cabinets at the end, allowed us to create a feature wall of the herringbone tile.  While very similar to ours, this tile is the matte version and we went with a gray charcoal vs the black grout.  We pulled the grout color from the gray tones in the concrete farmhouse sink.  And this beauty is a stunner in real life!  And a workhorse too.  Lots of space for cleanup after dinner parties.

And the brass faucet was not originally brass.  It was plated at a local spot to match the rest of the details in the kitchen.  A little industrial, a little glam.
Incorporating these two open shelves from Rejuvenation (shelves & supports) helps to tie in both the brass and walnut accents we have going on throughout the entire space.  More display than major storage size wise at 24″ wide, but enough to make a statement and a little warmth to this side of the kitchen.

And back to this island!  We went through a few designs for this guy… We had originally intended for the sink to land here and we also had plans to use some vintage barstools that would have required a more traditional step up bar height end to the island.  But after seeing the space framed out, we decided that in the end, a large one surface island would make the most sense visually.  This also provided one large swath of counter space which will be great for food prep and entertaining!

While their dream was Carrara Marble Counters, the price tag was a little unnerving.  So after a visit to the slab yard, they lucked upon what we have dubbed “Carrara Lite”.  It is an entry grade marble called White Cloud.  And we decided to keep the honed finish vs polished.  It still has some gray veining and movement, just not as much as Carrara typically would.  But for the price, White Cloud gave us the look and feel we were aiming for.

Scrapping our original plan to use the vintage barstools, led us on the hunt for the perfect counter height stools.  The hunt stopped once we found these Cherner inspired stools from Wayfair! They pick up on the wood tones used in the kitchen and tie into the soft curves happening in the dining room.  I’ll be sharing that space on Friday!! And following up tomorrow with a Shop this Space post.

Happy Wednesday!!
xo – Kristin

Thank you to Rejuvenation and Wayfair for partnering on this Kitchen Redesign.  All opinions and images are my own.