I had every intention of sharing this space on Friday, but my big brother surprised me and my family by making a quick visit, so we took the day to go and visit my father with his visit!  A much needed distraction from his recovery.

So now we take a quick look around our cousins’ new dining room! Last week I walked you all through their new kitchen.  And this space is simply a continuation of that thanks to a major remodel. To remind you, this was the before of this space…

I am still shocked when I go back and look at these before pictures as to the progress that has been made in a few short months.
While the color scheme continued from the adjoining kitchen, we based this entire plan on this stunner of a dining table!!  This table is from Article & is only $599 people!!  I was so pleased with the quality once we assembled the pieces and we were all in awe over the brilliant radiating pattern on the top.  With all of the natural light within the space the appearance of the tabletop is ever-changing.
Next we looked at the area rug.  Wanting to pick up (but not match) the herringbone backsplash, I loved how the rug selected from RugsUSA reflected the geometry of the backsplash and simply enhanced the look.  The creamy white background is also a nice contrast to their newly refinished floors stained in Jacobean by Minwax.
As I mentioned in the kitchen post, every single light fixture in this home is better than the next.  The large brass mobile chandelier relates to the starburst action happening on the table and fills the pitched ceiling space with a sculptural quality.
We looked long and hard when it came to the dining chairs.  She knew she wanted a wishbone inspired chair, but most have woven seats which aren’t the most comfortable.  When I found these with an upholstered seat from World Market we stalked them until a sale hit.    We liked the existing upholstery, but we had been discussing a crazy idea about acid washed denim for months and thought this could be the best place to test it out.  Ultimately, I am so glad I tackled this simple DIY as it tied in the blue from the island perfectly!
I actually found five years of denim (non stretch) on Amazon and laid it out in our driveway.  I then smashed straight bleach all over the denim and rinsed the entire thing immediately with the hose.  The reaction was so fast that it didn’t need time to sit.  I then let the denim air dry (fast in these hot Atlanta Summer months.)
Once they were dry, I cut them into 2’x2′ squares and washed them to remove any remaining bleach or dyes.
The chair seats simply unscrewed from the bottom & I used my staple gun to attach the new denim upholstery.  These chairs look so good in person!!
We finished the space with some of their existing pieces, including this wood console and one of their favorite prints of Sitting Bull.  That butterfly on his hat!! My favorite detail of the black and white photograph.

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